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Get To The Damn Point; Lewis Chaney

November 17, 2022

Lewis D. Chaney is a Corporate Speaker, Trainer, Entertainer, and founder of ‘Get To The Damn Point: How to say less and be heard more'. He’s a TEDx Alumnus, Professional Speaker, Communication Soft Skills Trainer, Mentalist, and Magician. He has over 30 years of experience in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Advertising, and Independent Film, having told tens of thousands of stories, working with everyone from celebrities to the homeless.

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Effect on Emotions

  • I deal with my emotions and writing in this little tiny book helps me. When I have a bad day, one of those days where I feel like nothing's going right. Rather than turn to a book, I sit down, and I write. And I'll just fill these pages. I can write really big, I can write angry; that's better than typing. because I can do what I want to. When I'm upset I can really get my emotions out. So
  • I get it all out, and it gets it out of my system. It's a purging. Then I tear the pages out and burn them because it's not for anybody else. It's me getting rid of it. So

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I don't really do so many breathing techniques, but I will tell you something I do to relax. I lay back, because sometimes as a creative, just thinking, just sitting down and being alone with your thoughts matters. And what I do is I'll lay back and I'll take a towel and put it over my eyes like a blindfold. I shut out all the light so I can just be alone in my thoughts, or I'll use music to go along with that. So I can just sort of ease myself in so I think more than I concentrate on what's going on up here. Not so much of the breathing, but just on getting calm and focused. So

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Bullying Story

  • One of the stories that I tell people was, I had this kid who was a few years ahead of me, a big guy, pick me up and hang me on the wall on the coat hangers by my belt loops in the hallway, and I couldn't get out, I'm stuck. So to this day, I can hear the laughter of the kids. And it's very, very painful. In that situation, there's not much you can do, but then you flash forward. So
  • The first boss I had in television news; he was just not a nice guy. The kind who would sit you down and stand over the desk and lean over you and talk down to you and be really stern, and at the time, I didn't know what to do with that. But with the mindfulness that I now that I have, I would do one of two things.
  • I would either stand up and say, when you sit, I'll sit. Or I'd leave. When you decide to calm down, I'll come talk to you. Because that's just something I can't abide by anymore. And I think if I'd had more awareness about me; if I had had a little more confidence about myself because it's funny that stuff sticks, you know, people don't think it does. When you meet a bully even as an adult, you still kind of cower back. So

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