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Environmentalism Is The 21st Century Spirituality; Teza Lord

May 29, 2022

teZa Lord believes environmentalism is the 21st century spirituality. She uplifts readers through her books, public speaking and her other various creative expressions. She sees her role in society as balancing the weight of our tendency toward negativity. Her childhood dream was to fly above life’s dangers and this theme is often present in her writing. Her experiences in life have taken her to the place where she is comfortably aligned with Spirit. Her most recent book is entitled, Hybrid Vigor: A True Reveal of Love.

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Most Influential Person

  • I was a Guru junkie and I worked with many eastern Yogic teachers so I will not say one specific person.
  • The Guru-disciple relationship, which is a spiritual commitment that you make with a teacher is so important in my story. I couldn't have been the person I am today without having surrendered my ego to a teacher.

Effect on Emotions

  • Before mindfulness I was a basket case. My emotions have become, what we call in yoga, equipoints.
  • Emotions are important teachers, they show us what we're supposed to do in life.
  • I'm now able to be productive, I'm not a slave of my emotions.
  • When I feel an emotion, now I know that's where I am supposed to go.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breath is the connection between our unconscious self and our being able to be awake.
  • The more conscious we are of each breath we take, the more awake and aware and mindful we are.
  • If we are never aware of breathing, we are not a very mindful or awakened person.
  • You could be aware of every breath you take and that's a lovely thing instead of having obsessive-compulsive thinking.
  • Breath gives you a kind of steadiness. I use the analogy of saddling onto a horse. The breath is a horse and you ride your breath and it takes you to amazing places deep within your own being.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • I taught girls who were in prison for various reasons. Most of them were gang girls and addicts who were no longer able to do their partying.
  • There's a lot of bullying in prison. These juvenile detention places need yoga and meditation and they need teachers to come in to show these young people the state of love.
  • Most of these people don't have good role models and many of them had terrible parenting. They are out there on their own and it's just like a ‘dog-eat-dog' world.

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