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Enjoy The Gift Of The Present; Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez

April 27, 2022

Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez is a consulting hypnotist who works with trauma survivors to help them heal, thrive and enjoy their lives. Her longest recovery came as a result of the collapse of the ‘twin towers’ back in September 11, 2001, after which she married a disabled combat veteran who was struggling to heal his own traumas. For years Jen has been fascinated by the brain and the power of mindset, so it comes as no surprise that she will be delivering a presentation at the National Convention of The National Guild of Hypnotists this August called: Hypnosis: The Bridge Between Neural-plasticity and Quantum Realities.

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Most Influential Person

  • Above all, it's my father. He handed me the book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior back in 1991 or 92. That is to say from that point on, we always said, What time is it? Now? Where are you? Here.

Effect on Emotions

  • Emotion comes in and emotion goes. Likewise, the breath, there is no start and there is no end. Therefore, it is cyclical, so whatever I'm feeling in the moment, is the gift of life.
  • I know what numb feels like so I think it's as close to death as we can get. Therefore with every feeling I'm blessed with at the moment, I accept it for the wisdom that it is sharing.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I was very fortunate very early to learn Buddha belly breathing, but I was confused. In the beginning, I thought that's how we were supposed to breathe all the time.
  • It wasn't something I was able to do all the time. And as trauma overtook my body I learned that breathing became shallower and shallower.
  • However, trauma-responsive breathing doesn't allow for the holding of the breath, because that actually increases adrenaline. So the way that I choose to breathe when I need to breathe out trauma, and breathe in peace happens when I release my jaw.
  • I exhale first because the body can always exhale even when it can't inhale. And then after the inhale, I exhale for as twice as long as the inhale. To sum it up, it always starts with an exhale, whatever the inhale is to the belly, and then exhale twice as long. That's me, that's my breathing technique and how I

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Bullying Story

  • Certainly, the story that I was coming to was that gentleman with his dad.
  • Every single one of my clients, technically bullies themselves until the day they stop and enjoy the gift of the present.

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