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Emotional & Energetic Intelligence For Fulfillment; Simon Lovell

November 15, 2020

Simon Lovell is a super high performance and emotional intelligence coach for successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Leaders that holds people accountable and heals their relationships, self-sabotage, and mindset struggles so they can live their happiest lives. Simon Lovell went from a bullied teen, addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and then built his own million dollar company, but he still wasn't happy. After healing his childhood trauma he now helps CEOS and entrepreneurs become fulfilled through this proven six week transformational process called The Super High Performance Formula. He is the author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have a Secret? and has been featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes. Simon is also the host of the Unshakeable Leaders podcast.

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What Does Mindfulness Mean To You?

  • Mindfulness means being aware of bringing ourselves back home to ourselves. Connecting with our body. I call it the Universal Slap. It's a reminder from the universe that we need to bring ourselves back to ourselves.

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Bullying Story

  • One of my first bullying events was when I was about 6 years old and it was through a teacher at school. Imagine a classroom of 20 children and the energy of that room is green, green being positive.
  • So you're 6 years old and you're in this room playing and you're talking about the Simpsons. Then a teacher who is very angry, comes into the room and says, ‘wipe that smile off your face, Lovell'.
  • He shames me in front of the other kids at a key developmental age. This happened multiple times. I am now creating a story that says, I'm not good enough, what's wrong with you, you're bad.
  • When it comes to your present life, that interruption of energy from green to red, when I'm being shamed by the teacher, it's called hyper arousal. It's that hyper arousal that sends you into fight or flight.
  • If that doesn't get resolved, you will continue to live a life where, when I'm 13 years old and I'm in a shower room being bullied by a rugby kid, now based on the earlier event, do I now stand up to the bully in the shower room, or do I cower? I cower.

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