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Don’t Let This Habit Steal Your Life; Roman Mironov

August 3, 2022

Roman Mironov is a relationship coach in Toronto, Canada who truly hates to see people suffer in their relationships. That's why his goal is to help clients create amazing and enviable relationships by increasing love, gratitude, and mindfulness in order to feel joyful. Roman knows that an addiction to p*&n can cause major problems in relationships and he helps people who are experiencing this challenge in their lives. He has been into self-improvement for over a decade and brings his best ideas and tools to people he works with. *Note: This episode is marked explicit and is not suitable for children due to the mature subject matter.

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The Risk of Social Media

  • The huge problem is social media because when guys start looking at Instagram, all these girls try to get more likes by showing themselves on Instagram, and this becomes a huge trigger.
  • We are bombarded today by all these messages about sexuality, that sexuality is good, and that it's okay to show your body in a very vulnerable way like they do on Instagram.

Building Awareness Through Mindfulness

  • We certainly need to be in touch with our emotions through meditation and mindfulness. We can be more in touch with our true emotions and I think that we can also build better relationships with other people through being mindful. It creates a more healthy individual.

 Similarities Between P*&n Detox and Losing Weight

  • One of the similarities is spending all your mental energy on your addiction or thinking about, let's say, p*&n or food or fighting your thoughts. It just doesn't leave any headspace for you to think about what the real problem is.
  • The root cause is that psychological deficit, but when you go on a smart diet, you do whatever works for you. You just start eating cleaner and then you'll notice that you don't crave food that much anymore. And because you don't spend that mental energy on thinking about food, planning food, and so on, you realize that there is something bigger; that this is why I was actually overeating. And that could be a relationship going wrong.

Trauma As A Cause of a P*&n Addiction

  • The most common example is that people get exposed to this habit very early on. Their brothers were watching it, or their parents were watching it, they saw it and they got hooked. And this is definitely a psychological trauma because a six-year-old is not supposed to see things like this.
  • Another example, which is also very common is parents who were achievers. And they pushed their son or their daughter to come to me for help. In some cases they push too much. They had very high expectations and on the other hand they did not give much love. So the person feels that they were not loved enough. And that's why they're always not enough, even though they may be 30 or 40 years old now.

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