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Discover Your Purpose; Bruce Langford and JV Crum III

January 3, 2021

JV Crum III Interviews Bruce Langford on how to use mindfulness to discover your true purpose in life. Bruce explains his TIME acronym and how it relates to finding your purpose in life using mindfulness and meditation.

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Meaning of Mindfulness To You

  • I define mindfulness as living in the moment and thinking in the moment. If I'm focusing on the past I know that is going to pull me away from my purpose and from the focus that I really need to have.
  • If I'm worrying about the future and what might be coming up tomorrow, or even in a few minutes, then that's pulling me away from the present moment and from being a mindful person.
  • To me, being mindful is living in the moment and also not being judgmental.
  • It's so easy for us as humans to be judgmental of other people and of other situations. It is really a natural part of being human. But when I do that, I notice it and I pull myself back from it.

Your First Thoughts About Purpose

  • When I was around 11 years old I started thinking of time passing, the importance of time, and what that meant. What was that concept of time?
  • I remember so clearly that I would spend time reflecting on what certain things meant in the world. And that's one of the reasons why I use the TIME acronym.
  • Time has everything to do with mindfulness, of course.

Thoughts About Your Purpose

  • Throughout my life I have had a dream where I'm leaving my body and I'm rising up and looking down and seeing myself down there on earth. I'm looking at myself from this incredible position way up in the universe. That is what gave me the perspective that I'm here for a reason.
  • That reason is to help other people find their purpose and to use aspects of mindfulness to do that, to help them understand how they can do the work, how they can reach out to others because of that TIME acronym.
  • Learn from authors, learn from speakers, learn from friends, surround yourself with like-minded people. And as you're moving on your journey in life, you will understand more of what your purpose really is from other people who are looking for similar answers.

The TIME Acronym

  • The T is about together. And I think for too much of my life, I felt like I had to do it myself. That was a real learning step for me. And so I teach other people that you can do this together with other like-minded people.
  • The I is Inner work. You must do the inner work. You need to write, you need to explore those thoughts that are running through your mind. You need to give yourself the time and space to really understand what's important in life.
  • A lot of times we don't spend enough time in nature and that will help us get clear on our goal and life's direction and understand what our true purpose is because it's not going to come all at once.
  • A lot of it comes to me through writing. So that inner work is incredibly important.
  • M is meditation. I feel like everybody meditates in their own way. You might have been taught formally. You might do TM, transcendental meditation. Meditation is a huge part of this picture. And you can use an app like the calm app that will help you learn how to meditate. There's Insight Timer where you can get yourself a meditation teacher right there on the app. You need to start. You need to take action. Maybe you've never meditated, or maybe you have meditated sporadically, but I really feel it's important to meditate on a regular basis. Make it part of your routine, part of your habit, make meditation a part of your life. That is just so integral to what you do and how you think.
  • E is Exercise. Move your body. Make sure that you're not stagnant. Make sure to move every day. Your body is created to move and some of your biggest revelations will come to you when you move. Your brain starts to operate differently when you move.

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