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Create A New Life; Be Inspired By Paula Peralta

May 20, 2020

Paula Peralta is a celebrity hairstylist and a business and empowerment coach. According to some standards, she has done everything wrong to achieve success, yet Paula exudes joy and is experiencing more success than ever before. Paula loves to share how taking a step back from living life on everyone else’s terms was the best move she ever made. Paula helps her clients visualize how they can create a new life even with a blank slate. She believes it’s possible to make a career change at almost any stage in life.

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Effect on Emotions

  • “It has got me out of being an effect of my emotions.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “Breathing is one of the greatest tools to connect with our bodies.”
  • “It gives us the opportunity to take a pause to expand out energetically and talk to our bodies about what it's aware of.”

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Bullying Story

  • “Bullying is based on the insecurities of the person who is the bully. They only try to bring down people who they perceive as stronger than them.”
  • “I was raised around adults so I was very articulate and curious. I was very conversational with my teachers so I would get picked on as a teachers pet or that I talk too much.”