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COVID19 Strength Guided Meditation

March 16, 2020

I’m Bruce Langford, host of Mindfulness Mode. I'm here to share a meditation of strength; a meditation to help you move through this COVID19 situation. This is a time for strength, confidence, and empowerment. And you have these within you. You may not feel it right now, but that strength is within you.

This is a time to focus on what we do have control over. We can choose what we focus on. We will choose strength. We will choose to accept social distancing because its the right thing at this time. Let’s get started with the meditation.

Make sure you’re comfortable, in a chair or on a cushion. Sit upright, so your spine is straight. Sit with confidence. If you're driving a car or operating machinery, listen to this meditation later.

Begin to breathe deeply, take a breath in, and then let it go. Breathe in through your nose if possible, if not, just breathe comfortably in, then out. Remember - you have control over your breath, this is important to remember, breathe, just breathe.

Now is a time to acknowledge nature. Think of your most precious memory in nature. Think of a tree, or a leaf, think of a grassy field, the sounds of the birds, I’m adding nature sounds to the meditation here. 

Enjoy the feeling of being immersed in nature. It’s just you, amid the trees and the plants. 

As you breathe, you appreciate the fresh, ozone-rich air, it feels like the most healthy fuel imaginable. You feel appreciation that you have this beautiful air to breathe.

You take a step and look around you. You see a faint path and you decide to go there. It feels right. You begin to walk on the path and you see it becomes more visible. This trail has obviously been walked before. You stop briefly to observe the greenery, to notice the trees, to feel the faint breeze on your cheeks. You fill your lungs with air. You feel alive and vibrant.  

You are enjoying this very moment in time. It feels right to be where you are. You begin to walk briskly and you feel your body strengthening. You feel confident.

Just then, a feeling of gratitude sweeps your body. You’re grateful for every leaf, every tree, every detail of nature. You are incredibly grateful for this moment. You know that you are meant to be here, right now. You are exactly what you are meant to be. 

You begin to loosen and relax the muscles in your face. The area around your forehead and your eyes become more relaxed. You experience a letting go in your cheeks and jaw. The feeling of letting go is wildly real. 

With every breath, you feel more and more confident that you’re in the right place. Confident that you are meant to be strong and be filled with joy. Let that joy permeate your cells.

The joy you are feeling is unexplainable. And you know it is just there, with no need for explanation. The joy is moving on to playfulness and you notice you are feeling almost child-like in the way you are letting go. Letting go of everything except gratitude and joy.

In your mind, you are running and jumping and celebrating and breathing in the fresh air of life. You know that you will remember this exact feeling. No matter what thoughts may come up for you, you have the power to bring back this beautiful feeling of exhilaration. 

You are grateful to be alive because you know you can support others. You can bring happiness and peace to those around you. To those you love and who love you. 

The feeling of love sweeps through you and lands in your heart. You’ve felt it before and now it’s returned. You love that feeling because you know it validates you. It gives you strength and confidence. 

You take another breath, deeply, you hold it comfortably and then release it slowly. As you release the air, you release what’s no longer needed, you release tension and stress. In its place, you immediately feel a rush of strength and confidence. 

You know you are meant to be confident. You know you are strong and you can move through challenges. You paste this feeling of strength into your mind as a memory you can pull up at any time.

You continue to embrace the sounds of nature coming from all around you. You know that this place is perfect right now. You inhale, slowly and with confidence. Hold the breath and then begin to slowly exhale.

This meditation is concluding and you still feel immense gratitude flooding your body.

Take one more breath as the meditation ends. When you’re ready, slowly outstretch your arms, prepare to stand. You can reconnect with me on the Mindfulness Mode podcast at www.MindfulnessMode.com or through an app like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Thanks for listening to this guided meditation. Peace to you. Namaste.

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