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Color Is An Energy Vitamin

November 28, 2021

Color is the topic today. Did you know that color is an energy vitamin? I found that sentence in the book, Feel Better In Five Minutes by Amanda Hainline. And if you've been listening to the show, you know that she was my last episode. I wanted to talk about this whole idea of color because this sentence, ‘Color Is An Energy Vitamin’ is the title of one of the chapters in Amanda Hainline’s book.

I interviewed and released Amanda’s interview on Thanksgiving Day in the US. I noticed the episode got quite a few downloads, but I think it's worthy of even more. You can listen to the episode here: www.MindfulnessMode.com/713.

Amanda is so vibrant, so upbeat, and so knowledgeable about many things when it comes to gaining control over your emotions and feeling better. After all, feeling better, has everything to do with our emotions. That's why I wanted to talk to you about this topic of color and how it can affect us.

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Colors For Energy

Did you know that colors correlate to different emotions? We are naturally drawn to colors that benefit us energetically. Some of us benefit from bright, vibrant colors, and some of us are naturally drawn to the more muted tones. Colors can be used in healing. I encourage you to get Amanda’s book, Feel Better In Five Minutes, because it has so much interesting content about learning to deal with your emotions. The subtitle of the book is, ‘An Empowering Guide To Gain Control Over Your Emotions.

Clothing Choices

Dressing with certain colors can help your mood. Observe your mood when you're around certain colors. I am well aware that for me, there are certain colors that make me feel really upbeat, and energetic, and other colors that sort of drag me down. Take the next few days and think about what colors empower you, what colors agitate you, what colors drain energy from you. Pay attention to what colors you're naturally drawn to and then begin to surround yourself with those colors.

A Mug?

When you identify the colors that make you feel good, get a cup or a mug in that color and drink from it. Eating foods of that color will incorporate that color into your body. Amanda also said that sunlight is a great way to get the full spectrum of color into your energy system and clear your energy. I think it's such an interesting concept that color is an energy vitamin. Because even though I never thought of it that way before I realized that yes, color is an energy vitamin.

Win With Color

Because color is such a powerful tool and holds the energetic vibrations of emotions, it makes sense that we should use it to our advantage whenever possible, like the clothes we wear. She says it's important to note that sometimes you may need a color that does not look particularly great on you. And so if this is the case, wear that color as a small accessory, or a belt or shoes or whatever.

A Chill Day?

Think about what you have to do during your day. Is there an important meeting on your calendar? Or are you having a chill day? Take stock of how you're feeling? Are you confident, bold, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Refer to the color and emotions charts that she has included in this book to see what fits you best. If you're having a big meeting and feel like you're lacking confidence, try wearing something red or orange to bring on the power to boost you.

Relax With Color

If you are relaxing after a long week, cuddle up in some soft off white, pink or grey loungewear for the morning. If you're not sure what colors to wear, just open up your closet and see what colors you're attracted to that day and let your intuition guide you. Again, colors correlate to different emotions. The book includes a chart of all the different colors and how they correlate to different emotions.

Color Charts

‘Feel Better In Five Minutes’ has QR codes because there are some charts and some different kinds of images that she was not able to include in the book, so she's included QR codes. You can simply aim your device at the QR codes and you’ll see the charts and images that are not included in the book.


When I started talking to Amanda at the interview time, I noticed right away that she was just as vibrant as she appeared on the front cover of her book. So again, her book is called feel better in five minutes: An Empowering guide to gain control over your emotions. Use these suggestions so you can feel better, get more energy, and feel more calm. So thanks again for listening to mindfulness mode. Bye now.

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