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Breath and Fire; Michelle Hillier

May 4, 2022

Michelle Hillier is trained in movement, meditation, and mindfulness and is a certified yoga teacher, trauma-informed movement educator, and meditation and social-emotional instructor. Using her personal story, she helps people to see that it’s possible to lead the life you dream of. Her journey has given her the gifts of insight and compassion, deepening her commitment to helping others connect to their breath—their calm—and ignite their fire and their passion. From large group activities to intimate training workshops, Michelle gives her audience a transformative and unforgettable experience with concrete tools and messages to practice in their own lives.

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Effect on Emotions

  • Awareness of my emotions and being okay with sitting in them is important. The thoughts will come and they'll turn to an emotion that could turn to action. But it's been like a-Ha, there it is, there's that thought, there's that feeling, there's that emotion.
  • Either I like it, or I don't like it. I'm just gonna sit in it, and let it either pass or act on it.
  • So I'm just more highly aware of my emotions through doing mindfulness practices.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I've just got into breathwork and I have an amazing teacher, Rebecca Llewellyn, Shamanic Breathwork. So I actually experienced a full hour of breathwork. I never thought that was a thing until I got into it. Wow, the breath is powerful.
  • So I like to think how one breath can make a difference in a moment that you're feeling so that you're in that fight, flight, or freeze state where something's going on.
  • When your body's going into something, one big inhale can completely reset you physiologically. It just tells your body you're okay. So the breath is super powerful.
  • There are different breath forms, of course, that I like to share with people in my ‘Breath of Fire' workshops, including circular breathing. The traditional ‘let's just breathe' is also great.
  • I like to share the power of one breath, and how that can change your body.

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Bullying Story

  • I personally haven't had a bullying experience. When I look back, I may have been a bit of a bully. The competitiveness was sort of part of me.
  • When I look at my son, I can use him as an example. He's not in an actual bullying situation, but the mindfulness piece around awareness of self and the work I've done in schools with kids around mindfulness. I think it's good if we're just mindful and present and tapped into who we are.
  • That authentic self, I think that's where the heart really shines, and we can't do that to somebody else. I think it's a bullying prevention mode. I don't think it's like, oh, I'm being bullied, I need to meditate. It's like if we can teach our children especially if we can get them to understand mindfulness and awareness of self and love for others, we can prevent bullying.

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