Mindfulness Mode

Aching or Feelin‘ Good?

November 14, 2021

Are you feelin' good today? Or do you have a nagging, aching feeling in your body that you'd like to replace with peace and contentment? Last week I talked about finding mindfulness by taking action and this week I start off by telling you two ways that I took action and feel good as a result. Have you
taken action recently on something that has been on your mind for weeks or even months? Today I'm going to share 5 ways to be mindful and bring more positivity into your world. As a result of your mindfulness, I believe you'll feel good and begin to increase your level of contentment.

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5 Ways To Be Mindful:

1/ Take Action on 1 thing that been on your to-do list

2/ Message someone you haven’t talked to lately

3/ Take a nap – give yourself the gift of some extra rest

4/ Pay for someone behind you in a coffee shop

5/ Smile

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