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514 Chakra Healing For Transformation With Dr. Susan Shumsky

March 15, 2020

Susan Shumsky can help anyone become a psychic or clairvoyant if that’s what they truly want. She has dedicated her life to helping people take control of their lives and to do that she uses her expertise in the human potential field. She has taught meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition to thousands of individuals worldwide. Susan has written 17 books and has recently released two new books: Third Eye Meditations: Awaken Your Mind, Spirit, and Intuition”  and “The Big Book of Chakras and Chakra Healing: How to Unlock Your Seven Energy Centers for Healing, Happiness, and Transformation. For over two decades, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation and guru of the Beatles. She served on Maharishi's personal staff for 6 years.

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Most Influential Person

  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Peter Myer

Effect on Emotions

  • “The main thing in attaining higher awareness or experiencing who you really are, that that brings you to a space of tranquility.”
  • “Tranquility is the easiest thing to ask for.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “Breathing is part of everybody's daily life.”
  • “Just taking a few deep breaths can help you calm down.”

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