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496 Stop Missing Your Life; Discover Mindfulness With Cory Muscara

January 12, 2020

Cory Muscara is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology. Cory helps peel back the layers that prevent us from being our full, honest, integrated selves in the world. In 2012, Cory spent six months in silence living as a monk in Burma, meditating 14+ hours each day under the instruction of the late Sayadaw U Pandita. A frequent guest on the Dr. Oz show, he now aims to bring the teachings of mindfulness to people in a practical and relatable way, presenting to schools, organizations, and the general public. For the past few years, he has taught mindfulness-based leadership at Columbia University. and currently serves as an instructor of positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed his graduate work. Cory's meditations have been heard more than 10 million times in over 50 countries.

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Most Influential Person

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn and U Pandita

Effect on Emotions

  • “It's helped me make space for them and see the wisdom in all of them.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “As soon as I come back to the breath, it's like a Pavlovian response and my whole system settles.”

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • “When I was in 7th grade, it was right as I was going into puberty. Parts of my body are starting to shift and grow specifically my nose.”
  • “The class bully made the comment like: look at this guy, he looks like big bird. I was embarrassed to talk about it.”
  • “Mindfulness practice helps me shift that relationship to that part of my body and release some of the microtraumas.”

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