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489 Relax With St. Francis of Assisi and Peace Troubadour, James Twyman

December 18, 2019

James Twyman is known globally as The Peace Troubadour. For over 20 years he has traveled to countries at war to share the prayers of peace from the 12 major religions of the world he put to music in 1994. He has been invited by peace organizations and even the leaders to countries such as Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Syria to initiate world synchronized meditations while battles raged around him. James is currently on a mission to make St. Francis of Assisi and his teachings relevant today. He has written a novel called Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis and a musical entitled St. Francis Brother Sun, Sister Moon and is performing it on Broadway on February 20-March 1, 2020. He will also be touring the U.S. to perform the musical in major cities.

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Effect on Emotions

  • When you're mindful, I call it being happy no matter what, even when I am challenged, even when I have to work through some stuff, the baseline of my joy is very high. It's like a pool that fills up with water.
  • You can enter the pool when there is no water and you are at the bottom, or when the water is near the top, when you enter in, you are always at the very top of where the water is.
  • And that is where my joy is, even when I have to go through issues or whatever I have to go through, my joy is always there.
  • Mindfulness has let me be happy no matter what.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • It's a big part, especially right now. I am working on a new process that involves deep breathing, holotropic breathing with a recording that I did a number of years ago with Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  • The recording is called I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation. It's literally the sound of the name of god, and when you breathe with this sound it opens up channels that we never even knew were there.

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