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464 Build Deeper Connection, Clarity, And Confidence; J’aime Radow

September 22, 2019

J’aime Radow is a Personal Brand Alchemist who advises business leaders in creating aligned personal brands, to powerfully communicate their mission to themselves, others, and the world. She has spent the last decade as a trusted advisor to executives at Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, creatives, and those looking to redefine themselves, so they can step into a more fully expressed version of themselves.

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Most Influential Person

Effect on Emotions

  • “It helped me see that I'm not my emotions.”
  • “I can have all the emotions and they're allowed to move through me and I don't need to hold on to them.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “Breathing helps bring me home, helps me land.”

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • “Yes. Bullying me in a context of really trying to push back on something and ask me what to do.”

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