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453 Boost Your Health and Longevity with Carbon 60; Engineer Chris Burres

August 14, 2019

Chris Burres is an engineer who, along with his partner, confirmed their findings on Carbon 60 (C60), a Nobel Prize-winning technology originally meant for military defense now sought out by global mega-corporations. Chris is currently on a mission to make his C60 product accessible to everyone who wants to live a healthier, pain-free life longer than they ever expected. Chris is not a mad scientist, but he could be mistaken for one. He has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including Mechanical Engineering, Comedy Improv Artist, Oil and Gas Explosives and Competitive Soccer, to name a few.

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Most Influential Person

Effect on Emotions

  • My many talks with my friend, Patrick Wanis have helped me with my emotions.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • My son has ADHD and it was tough for me to go down this path and define that he has ADHD. He'll get in these mindset states where I'll grab him and do slow breathing with him to change his state.

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