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449 Outer Order To Bring On Inner Calm; Gretchen Rubin

July 31, 2019

Gretchen Rubin is a well-known mindfulness and happiness expert. She believes that when we know ourselves and what works for us we can change our habits and our lives. She’s the author of several bestselling books, including her newest book, Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness. Gretchen has an amazing ability to communicate complex thoughts and ideas with humor and clarity.

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Most Influential Person

  • St. Theresa of Lucia, Samuel Johnson

Effect on Emotions

  • It just makes it easy to control your emotions
  • Mindfulness allows you to have that kind of perspective, which then makes for a much more constructive engagement

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I just breathe as it naturally happens.

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Bullying Story

  • I'm very fortunate, I did not have that experience

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