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418 Mind-Body Healing Using The Vibrational UPgrade System; Alison J. Kay

April 15, 2019

Dr. Alison J. Kay has practiced as a mind-body energy healer for more than 25 years, founding the Vibrational UPgrade System, and working in yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind-body fitness, longevity and holistic health with a specialization in the chakra system. Considered one of the leading experts in her field, she has taught around the world and written two books: the award-winning “What If There’s Nothing Wrong” and international best-seller “Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy for Your Bliss; Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition.

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  • n/a

Effect on Emotions

  • I feel like I'm constantly on a bliss buzz

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I love Pranayama alternate nostril breathing practice
  • No mouth involved, It's been used to take people out of anxiety attack

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