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416 The Gift Of Adversity With Marcus Aurelius Anderson

April 8, 2019

Marcus Aurelius Anderson is an inspiring speaker, executive coach and author of the new book, The Gift of Adversity. While serving in the United States Army, Marcus was seriously injured; paralyzed as he prepared to deploy with 10th Mountain Light Infantry Division. After a life-saving surgery, Marcus was filled with gratitude but unable to walk. His injury was the wake up call he needed to begin to live his life with true purpose. Now having overcome some of those health issues, Marcus teaches others how to take actionable steps in order to live life to the max.

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Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has allowed me to differentiate what's real and what's imagined. What's the reality and what's fear.
  • It can help you step out of the situation, look at it logically, be mindful of what's really going on and not what my ego or my emotions are telling me to do. By doing that, it allows me to have clarity.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • It's very important for meditation. Recently this year, I started doing Wim Hof breathing. When I'm done working out, I do the cold shower and do Wim Hof breathing.
  • It kickstarts my day for sure.

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