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394 Expand Your Edge With Dr. Laura Gallaher

January 21, 2019

Dr. Laura Gallaher is an Organizational Psychologist, Speaker, Facilitator, and Executive Coach. She is the founder and CEO of Gallaher Edge, which she started in 2013. Her noteworthy career began after the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry in 2003, killing everybody aboard. Following the tragedy, NASA hired Laura and a team of organizational psychologists to change the cultural influences that were deemed to play a role in the accident. She worked for 8 years to positively influence culture, develop leadership capacity, and improve organizational performance at Kennedy Space Center. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Masters and PhD in Organizational Psychology. Laura is a Licensed Human Element® Practitioner, a Certified Radical Collaboration Trainer, and a Certified Coach.

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Most Influential Person

  • Judy Bell (helped Will Schutz develop the Human Element)

Effect on Emotions

  • It slows them down, is the biggest thing. If I feel emotion coming with speed, I'm able to just dial it back a bit. So the motions are either slower to come or I'm actually faster to recover.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I actually want to be more intentional about breathing. I think that, maybe through instinct or maybe through what I've learned over the last five or 10 years, it definitely is a part of it. And I know every time I teach, I tend to model breathing as a means to sort of settle the mind, settle the body. I think it's ridiculously powerful, breathing. And so I want to be even more intentional with it.

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One Thing You Want To Change In Your Life

  • I believe that we are hardwired for human connection and I don't believe that we're meant to walk through the world alone. I think for me personally, if I could make one change, it would be to have that one life partner to share life with. So I'm a big believer in the idea that if I can't be happy alone, I can't be happy with somebody.
  • But if I'm happy now and I think that my life could be richer and more full if I had that life partner, then I would say that's the biggest change I would want.

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