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392 Create Your Own Reality With Sherife Wright

January 14, 2019

Sherife is an artist with a very unique perspective. When asked the question 'Who are you?' he replied: I'm god. And I'm not saying that in the sense like I'm the religious god, what I'm saying is, who I am truly is beyond the physical, and that being is hard to describe in words, because the potential of that soul or that spirit is so vast, it's endless. You're an infinite being, and if you're an infinite being, there's no way to really sum up in a few words who you actually are. Being able to go to sleep, having a dream, living in another dimension, coming back into this dimension and living out that dream, or having predictions of things, seeing the future, out of body experiences, there's so much to me as far as what I can do as a human being, it's hard to really sum it up.

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Most Influential Person

  • Not a specific person, just nature.

Effect on Emotions

  • I was able to feel my thoughts. You know, when I monitor my thought, I'll say, okay, you know what? I'm not going to go any further to hurt myself or to hurt anyone else because I know that, in order for me to evolve will become better, I have to give up.
  • But see, you gotta have a passion for these things. So I've always had a passion for it. So, the more mindful I became of my own thoughts and what I was doing at the time, it helped me snap out of it.
  • And you know, sometimes I look back at the good deeds I've done for so many people and I fall in love with myself, you know, I've fallen in love, and it makes me more mindful.
  • So in the middle of an argument, sometimes I can stop and tell a person, 'Hey, I love you' and people are scared to say that word today. You know, it's like a nightmare just to say that word. People are so afraid of it.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Well, you know, the brain needs oxygen.
  • Oxygen is a part of the ethos of the plants. And when you breathe in these, um, I mean we've get, when you breathe in the oxygen these plants are giving off, it's not just a cycle. It's not just what happens.
  • This air that we breathe from these plants is communication. You received the oxygen from the plant. You inhale and when you exhale it's carbon. That carbon goes back into the plant.
  • Then the plant knows now what you need to heal yourself, if you got cancer or if you got a liver problems. So now in turn, what the plant does is start growing fruits and vegetables for certain parts of our illnesses. It's no coincidence that the plant produces fruits and vegetables for certain parts of our body. That's not a coincidence, that's from the carbon that we breathe out.
  • The plant knows now because, the oxygen that the plant has set out actually went into the bloodstream. The blood carries the oxygen to the brain, the muscles. And that has helped me heal. Definitely. You know, so when we exhale out, the plant takes that information back in.
  • It's like oxygen has spied on your body by the oxygen traveling through your blood and through your kidney.
  • Then you look at pecans and certain nuts you'll see that some nuts look like the brain, you know, and some foods are like different parts of our body, but that's not by accident. That's because the oxygen that we're breathing, the ether, the things that we shared with plants and stuff, it's important for us to breathe. You know?
  • So when Shifu told us to breathe from the stomach and inhale, exhale, and you know, dealing with Tai Chi, that helped me a lot.

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Bullying Story

  • Oh yeah. Well, you know, I was always fighting when I was young because I was picked on a lot. And so I learned how to become a bully myself at times.
  • I'll tell you what, I was bullying somebody and that person turned out to be handicapped, you know, I'm teasing the person talking about them real bad. And then when they opened their mouth to respond to me, I found out that person was handicap, that that person couldn't really speak. And that hurt me.
  • It hurt me really bad because see, that person was innocent. And when that person went to speak to me, when they turned around and talked to me and they sounded so crippled inside. I was really hurt because they can't defend themselves.
  • It was a girl I was just picking on, but she would be considered ugly in today's society because she doesn't match up with the average models and so, she's not ugly to me, but by average standards that people would normally say she's ugly because she don't look like Beyonce or look like any other model out there.
  • So, I had to tell her I love her. She's beautiful. I apologized to her and then she gave me thumbs up like she, you know, like, okay, we cool. She accepted it. Yes. And that made me feel so much better. It eased me because I walked away, but, you know, I just couldn't accept what happened, what just took place. So I had to apologize to her and everything.

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