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391 Shanghai-based Investor Talks Mindfulness; David Cheng

January 10, 2019

David Cheng is a Shanghai-based investor/entrepreneur. He founded AngelVest Group which is one of the largest angel investment groups in China, having provided funding to 16 companies. They provided the initial seed funding to bring Hanson Robotics to Hong Kong  from USA. David is the former product developer at Honda R&D in Japan and USA. He has invested in over twenty early and growth stage companies. He's a former investment banker at US/ China bulge bracket and boutique firms. He also led AMD’s microprocessor technology transfer to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. David holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and BS Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of   Rochester.

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Most Influential Person

  • Shifu Deru (Shi Deru)

Effect on Emotions

  •  I think mindfulness has kept my emotions in check. I mean, there were times when I was younger where, you know, anger would flare, and emotions would kind of run up and down.
  • But I think that if I were to take a step back in a situation and kind of brush it off, well that is growth. That is my personal growth, I believe.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • Bullying has become a hot topic in modern times.
  • One of the tenets of karate is seek perfection of character. And in that statement in itself, all people who practice that martial art are asked to behave in a way that would be respectful of others and yourself. And that means no bullying.
  • When I was growing up in New York state, it was a very different environment many decades ago and people didn't take bullying seriously, if at all.
  • And certainly I observed bouts of that and even myself growing up as a kid, I was more on the quiet side, on the shy side and you know, some people did take advantage of that. And while I found it to be bothersome. I was able to find my own ways to just avoid that or to find other interests that didn't put me into, let's say a negative mood or depression.
  • But I think it's a big problem, or I think it was a big problem and I think in today's society, because I got two kids of my own now, that's certainly something that I look out for in their school and their environment.
  • I think it's all about upbringing, values at home, education, and also finding ways perhaps through mindfulness or consciousness to elevate our society, our community.
  • To realize that we're all connected and that kind of behavior, whether it's, you know, amongst your peers or within your social group, amongst your kids. That kind of behavior can be changed, I believe.

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