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367 Moving in Mindful Motion With Diena Seeger

October 18, 2018

Diena Seeger is the founder of iBalans, a company that develops sensory-stimulating training products for mind-body fitness and rehabilitation. The company’s inaugural product, the WAV® uses the principles of neuromuscular science to helps therapists, trainers and consumers strengthen the brain body connection for healthier movement. She also provides entrepreneurship mentoring to students of various ages and serves on the Funny Farm Animal Rescue Board.
Her early career accomplishments include implementing a transformative process change for the airline industry, launching an industry first consumer mobile application, and leading a healthcare technology company that created nutritional “prescriptions” designed to prevent disease and enhance well-being.

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Most Influential Person

  • My business mentor.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has been super helpful in the sense that I don't bring my emotions to the surface very much and it's helping me bring them up a little bit more and share them and be aware and use that for later time. So I think it's really helpful in that way.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is a great one because breathing is really a part of brain body practice and our whole core philosophy for stability. So it's core stability for your movement, but it's also core stability for yourself. So cleansing and getting oxygen to your brain and body.

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Bullying Story

  • I know that you do a lot of great work for children, so I was trying to think of a childhood experience. Something that came to mind for was this.
  • When I was in school there was a girl and unfortunately maybe that stereotypical movie girl who really was the brunt of a lot of not nice things. In retrospect, I'm guessing her home life was probably not so nice either. Like all the things as a kid you don't actually understand.
  • You get it as you're older but you don't have any idea what that is. And I didn't bully her but I didn't help her not be bullied. So I think that while her story and what happened to her pales in comparison like I don't have something like that.
  • What it did do is help me realize that bullying isn't just a one on one thing. It impacts all the people around you as well that are part of that bullying situation.
  • And I think if I could have had; I don't know if it's just maturity, mindfulness, a combination of those two things together that it would have allowed me to really tap into what intuitively I was feeling deep inside but didn't let come out and and how you're almost like, Oh, thank heavens that's not me, but really that's because there's a deeper gut feeling.
  • You're thinking that's really awful, but you're not expressing it or doing something about it. So I think if I had more mindfulness or ability at that point, I would have been able to take and manifest that into an actual action where I could have been part of a solution.
  • I wasn't part of a problem, but I was because I wasn't part of a solution and if you're not part of a solution, you're still part of a problem. So I think of bullying in that way and I think it's really important to bring not just the person into bullying but all the people around them that are also impacting because that'll be a stronger kind of way to go about it.


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