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360 Bluefishing For Opportunity With Author Steve Sims

September 24, 2018

Steve Sims is the man that makes things happen and I mean just about anything you can imagine, like appearing on stage with your favorite rock band, getting married at the Vatican, or having lunch with Richard Branson. Steve works with celebrities, professional athletes, and other dreamers who want to live life to the fullest and make the unimaginable real. Steve does all this, but at the same time is grounded. He believes in meditation and uses his own style of meditation to get it done. Steve is the author of the best selling book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen.

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Most Influential Person

  • Walt Disney and Dr. Suess. Also Jayson Gaignard, Joe Polish, Jay Abraham, Dean Jackson. There are so many.

Effect on Emotions

  • Breathing and mindfulness are one and the same. How I think of things tells me how I feel about them.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • People don't realize the importance of breath.
  • You know, you'll go to a car and you'll stand there and try and work out what's the best gas to put in the machine, but you won't pay attention to you recharging and paying attention to your breath.
  • Take the time to breathe.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims
  • App: It shuts your phone off. I don't know the name of it, it allows you to surf the Internet but the phone will only connect to the internet for like a three hour period and you get yourself into a habit of that. You start focusing on making the most value out of your time, so it's one that shuts your phone off. Tim Ferriss told me about it.

Bullying Story

  • I would openly say I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed is a young lad. I noticed very, very early on that fear was the issue. If we don't have fear of something then we achieve way, way more. But we're held back by how much we actually fear.
  • And I remember as a kid being a very big lad. I don't know if it was the Irish genes or whatever, but I've always been a big, big boy. Um, and I remember at school, all the young lads wanting to earn their stripes, would pick on the big lad. You know, I got picked on a lot, so I got picked on way more than the smaller kids.
  • So if you want to know about bullying, I, I believe for a long period I was the one getting bullied. I remember this lad coming up to me, that was a bit bigger, not as big as me, but still big enough to cause me to be a bit concerned.
  • And he came up to me in the school class, and he was trying to earn his stripes around his mates so we have two or three of his mates around him and I remember this vividly, walks up to me in a class and he's like, me and you, school end. I'm going to have you, you know, and it was a typical kind of like, you know, 13 year old hard talk that sounds pathetic now.
  • And in a split second, all I could think about was, oh my God, after school, I'm going to get beaten up. And then I thought, I don't want to spend the whole afternoon worried about getting beaten up. So I stood up and punched him in the head and I got suspended. But I wasn't fighting.
  • And then I came back to school and it was funny. I came back to school and he didn't pick on me, but other people still did. I remember this feeling of being bullied and then I never used to respond.
  • People used to push me around and I didn't want to fight.
  • And then I remember seeing some other people being bullied and I remember stepping in. And the only fights I ever got in was when I saw other people being bullied, I hate people being bullied. I hate people being intimidated and the trouble is nowadays and I don't want to get psychological, but we bully and intimidate ourselves.
  • We already have talked about how we dilute our own dreams. That's a bully on your shoulder. Get rid of that bastard. He's not worth being there.
  • But it was funny because when when was on the train, and it was funny you brought this question up by the way. No one's ever asked me that. So. Well done.
  • When I was on a train, going to a building site, this boy started talking to me. We were both young lads. I had no idea who he was. I'm dressed up to go on a building site with my tools and my bag lunch. Okay.
  • He's got a sharp suit on and a newspaper. He looked like one of the guys out on Wall Street.
  • And I was so envious that he was going to be in an office, dry, and with girls, and all this kind of stuff and I'm going to be on a building site with a bunch of old patty's.
  • He started talking to me as though he knew me. And I'm like, hello. You know? Yeah, you okay? He was a kid that I protected from getting beaten up at school and he recognized me on the train and he was the one that told me about the job that I went and applied for that got me to Hong Kong and that started this whole journey.
  • I often wondered, if I had looked away from that kid getting pushed around, where would I be now? it put me where I am today.

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