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355 Know The Name and What It Reveals; Neimologist Sharon Lynn Wyeth

September 10, 2018

Sharon Lynn Wyeth has accomplishments to her credit in many fields, and one of them is education where she has benefited thousands of students. She has worked in many different capacities in education. She's been in nationally syndicated programs as well as the President of the United States Yearly Conference for the 50 governors. Sharon has used her innate gift of intuition combined with her keen observation skills and reasoning mind to create something called neimology science. Neimology science is about understanding someone's personality or characteristics.

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Most Influential Person

  • Eugene E. Whitworth, Author

Effect on Emotions

  • I can handle very stressful situations very calmly and keep my thinking clear and I really give it, (mindfulness) credit also for giving me a lot of creative ideas and a creative way of handling different situations.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • There is an interesting book that is saying how the author went and and interviewed only people that had lived more than 120 years or more than 200 years I think is what he ended up with. But his goal was over 120 years. And in that book it says, how do we breathe and what did he learn from these people that were really old.
  • What he learned was that they spent hours everyday just on their breathing exercises. And so I learned different breathing exercises by reading that book. The book is called, Breaking the Death Habit by Leonard Orr.

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Bullying Story

  • I saw so much bullying when I was growing up that I think that's the reason I spent the 18 years developing neimology science because I was seeing the benefits of it.
  • [I could see] that it could help people know how to handle different things, but I really got to see bullying grow when I was a teacher and I would watch how kids would shame other kids or make them feel less than.
  • They would make little snide comments like, who are you, who do you know or just this, this niceness. And they're so subtle sometimes that I think a lot of people wouldn't catch them.
  • I love teaching middle school and that's where bullying really comes out. That's just a tough year for everybody.
  • When I would watch a kid make some kind of awful remarked to somebody else, I learned to say to them, wow, I just heard what you said. And for you to do that, you must really be in pain yourself or you wouldn't want to be causing somebody else that kind of pain.
  • And is this happening to you in school, out of school? Would you like to talk with me in public or private, but we need to discuss this because your level of hurt is now coming out to cause other people pain and that's not appropriate.
  • That's how I would handle that. But I will tell you, because I grew up where so many people were being bullied, we learned to defend ourselves and how to talk back right away.