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350 Nourish Your Entrepreneural Spirit With Branding Expert Amina AlTai

August 23, 2018

Amina AlTai is a branding and marketing expert in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. She believes that being nourished & having a healthy bottom line are intrinsically tied. After several years of pushing her physical limits in order to achieve business success, Amina experienced burnout and developed two autoimmune diseases and a whole host of food allergies. She realized being physically and emotionally healthy meant her business could thrive too.  Now she pays it forward and teaches others how to fill up in all the right ways: in business, and in life.

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Most Influential Person

  • My Meditation Teacher.

Effect on Emotions

  • [Mindfulness has] tremendously affected my emotions. I think life is always ebbing and flowing, right? And so it's up, it's down, it's up and it's down.
  • And I think if we're not prepared, if we're not trained, if we're not mindful, we can go along on that rollercoaster so when life goes up, we go up, when life goes down, we go down.
  • But mindfulness allows me to witness what's happening in my life without riding the rollercoaster and that is just tremendous.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • So anytime I do any sort of a speaking or presentation, I will make sure to layer in additional breathing exercises in addition to my meditation practice. There's so much research on how it mitigates performance anxiety and just bringing ourselves back to our breath is everything.
  • You realize that you've been in a state of fight or flight all day trying to get a taxi, commuting, whatever it is, and then you bring yourself back to your breath and it's just this moment of profound stillness.

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Bullying Story

  • I was obese as a child and I was bullied really badly at school for my thighs and I wish at the time I knew that it wasn't about me.
  • I wish that meditation would have helped me tremendously because instead of me clinging onto these ideas that I was terrible because of my weight and my size and what I looked like, I wish I would have been able to sort of watch these emotions, these thoughts, sort of as if I was a passer by.
  • [I wish I could have imagined I was] just sitting on the sidewalk watching them go by. Instead I was clinging onto them and, and believing that this was to do with me and my identity.
  • So, yes I wish I had known about mindfulness and meditation.

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