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345 Real Transformation: It’s Not What You Think; Wendy Yellen

August 6, 2018

Wendy Yellen is named one of the International Top Three Transformational Experts in her field. Wendy has studied emotional release bodywork and many other traditional and non-traditional forms of healing from masters around the world. Wendy walked away from a successful psychotherapy practice when she discovered the Holy Grail of transformation work called Eidetics. This practice, based on ancient Greek knowledge and 21st Century science, enables business people and creatives to unlock their full potential and remove the weight of old, often unseen vulnerabilities which have been holding them back.

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Effect on Emotions

  • My emotions? Well, again, I'll go back to my husband. We've been together 40 years almost.
  • This is true, I'm not proud of it. I was mentally divorcing him. Sometimes it felt like about 80 percent of the time; in my head. I mean rehearsing when I would say it, but I never did it. Thank goodness, because I feel so in love with him now and I see him as a person.
  • I feel love in my heart in ways which I didn't allow before and part of that has been through eidetic images where saw what I was doing to him in an image where it was irrefutable and impossible to ignore. And it just broke my heart what I was doing. It just, it was horrible.
  • And so by being more mindful of when those automatic responses were coming up and taking a moment and choosing a house of love and letting other things bubble up in me.
  • Now what happens is sometimes I catch him singing for no reason at all and the problem is I don't know if he was always singing or I just didn't hear it.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • You might be surprised to hear [that it isn't part of my mindfulness practice]. It isn't a specific part where I focus on it, but it is a place that has changed in me and certainly when I am stopping, I'm definitely paying more attention to my breath, but it is not a place that I pay conscious attention to most of the time. I'm much more paying attention to, let's say some of the spiritual images that are coming to me through eidetics. That's more my focus.

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Bullying Story

  • So I thought a lot about this question. In fact, I had a conversation with my husband in the car about it yesterday and I thought, well, I could talk about Emily and I could talk about the kid in the pool in Japan and I could talk about being Jewish, but none of those stories have the juice of what I'm about to say.
  • I think the worst bullying we do is the bullying we do to ourselves in our own head. We live there so much of the time; I also think it's that bullying that can put us at risk for letting other people believe us because we have that Achilles heel. We have that sensitivity. We have that place where we're not coming from that same confidence. It can be so cruel sometimes.
  • I hear things coming out of people's mouths and I think if anybody else said that they would be up in arms. If they said that about somebody else [it would be unacceptable], but yet the way we talk to ourselves is cruel, so cruel. So I think that is real bullying.

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