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336 Be Bold and Never Be Old Says Fitness Trainer Rico Caveglia

July 5, 2018

Rico Caveglia is a trainer specializing in being totally vital and fit even if you’re older. Rico’s chronological age is 76 years, yet his fitness age is 35. He’s creator of The Ageless Living Lifestyle, The Vitality For Life Training System and the Be Bold Never Be Old wellness Club. He is a speaker, an author of 17 books, and has been a personal trainer for 36 years. He is a multi Gold and Silver Medalist in the California State Senior Olympics. Rico’s specialty is all about helping others have high energy and be motivated and fit so they can be as successful as they want to be. Rico is the host and creator of the Fearless Aging Podcast.

Contact Info

  • Website: www.BeBoldNeverBeOld.com
  • Join Rico's 'Be Bold, Never Be Old online Wellness Club' (You can join for just $1 for the first month just to check it out and you get 4 personal training videos. And then after that, it's only $20 a month.

Most Influential Person

  • Deepak Chopra

Effect on Emotions

  • We've got to move. Our bodies are meant to move. I want to mention, have you heard the term sitting is the new smoking? It's so true. You know, at first we thought that, you know, well, sitting too much, of course it gives you a stiff back and the spine and it means my back's gonna hurt and you're not feeling too good.
  • But now there's been studies that it shows that it really slows your metabolism down, you know, blood pools in your legs, it's really bad for your digestion. And most of all metabolic functions are hindered by sitting too much.
  • So what I recommend is don't try and sit for more than 30 to 60 minutes at the most.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Well, our breath is really the connection to, however you want to think of it, to your higher self, to spirit.
  • It is the main component of our life. We can only stay alive for a few minutes if we don't breathe. Right? So breathing is so important.
  • What we have to realize is, it is our most powerful tool of all. If you're feeling really anxious or upset or excited, if you just take some nice deep, slow breath, they'll calm you right down.
  • And on the other hand, if you're feeling kind of, I'm a little funky, little tired, a little fuzzy, just take some, some short, some deep, powerful breaths, called the breath of fire. It'll energize you.
  • So our breath is our most important tool that we need to stay connected with. Realize that our breath is actually called inspire.
  • It's our connection to our higher self until all the knowledge that we actually need. So you just need to really focus on your breathing anytime that you're feeling unsettled.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • I'm not sure that I can pick up an actual story. I guess laughing and teasing someone; that is a form of bullying. I guess we wouldn't have thought about it in those days; it wasn't even a term, but that was a form of bullying without either party understanding that.
  • Yes. I mean if we had the capacity to be mindful in those days and realize that if anybody is being unkind or hurtful to anybody else, you actually have to feel sorry for them because they have something going on. They're not feeling comfortable with themselves.
  • And so if we could have been mindful in those days, then you wouldn't let it bother you. Right? You would just say, well, these people are being silly or being stupid and I feel sorry for them.
  • I don't know if I can think of an actual story. That moment of something where I had the experience where I use mindfulness, but I try and do that all the time now. If someone is that way, you know, so many being stupid or saying bad things to someone or to yourself you just let it go.