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329 The Body Whisperer Will Give You Your Body Back; Erin Burch

June 11, 2018

Erin Burch is a healer with roots as a physical therapist and yoga expert. She is known as ‘The Body Whisperer’, and if you’re experiencing pain, she can quite simply, give you your body back, using her own system coined as ‘The Burch Method’. Her expertise goes back to a prolonged experience with her body where she reversed a seemingly impossible, painful situation to become a new, pain-free woman. The brand new Erin felt connected and empowered with a fresh sense of freedom. With her clients, Erin draws on the Body’s Blueprint to create profound, lasting results.

Contact Info

  • Website: www.TheBurchMethod.com
  • Watch for Erin's Program, "Ageless Goddess Sister Mind", a year long deep dive with a tight knit community which is launching this Fall. The program is for midlife women specifically from age 40 to 65. Learn more on her website www.TheBurchMethod.com

Most Influential Person

  • Yoga

Effect on Emotions

  • Regarding mindfulness and my emotions; I'm so much better than I was.
  • Mindfulness is your savior in terms of your emotions because when you get triggered, if there's no space for awareness, you are just shit out of luck. Do you know what I mean?
  • Like you can do therapy all day long, but if there's no place for consciousness to be the crowbar; I think of mindfulness as being a crowbar, you know, awareness, mindfulness, attention, you can call it whatever.
  • But, you know, it's the crowbar that gets in between there and opens things up. So you can insert your witness and start to make changes from that place.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing. Oh Wow. I would love to do a lot more pranayama. Yeah, a lot more. I think it's probably, you know, arguably the most potent thing that we can do and I don't do it as much as I want to. It literally. It's the subtle, it's the subtle stuff. It's the little things. It's the millimeters.
  • I've got to tell you, my work is all about like living into the millimeters because that's where change happens and pranayama's like that. It's actually interesting, Bruce, because with all of my training for the last year and a half, I've been waking up feeling like my rib cage is just jammed, can't breathe, wake up in the morning, not gasping for breath, but it certainly isn't free. Right?
  • And it's now after a year and a half doing my mindfulness in my body fullness practice, it's much better and I'm getting more aware. That's what I mean by, you know, when we live the questions in our bodies, stuff shows up, right? Doesn't show up fast necessarily, but it does show up.
  • So I'm much better. But breathing is like, again, like, you know, oxygen. Oh my God, why are we not doing everything we can all day long to increase that? If you think about the size of your lungs, it's about the size of a two liter bottle on each side, roughly. And watch how most people breathe. These little tiny, tiny breaths. So I'm a big fan of it and I'm getting better and better at it.

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A Client Testimonial Story

  • I just got a testimonial today from a woman. I can read it to you.
  • Actually. I did a VIP day with her. A VIP day with me is six hours where we go back to the drawing board and build your body up in a whole new way.
  • Then I spend all the time that we're together training you into that place and teaching you how to stay there, which is really unusual to get that kind of training.
  • Nobody does that. Right. And that's the key, is learning how to stay there. Yeah. Because when you leave a physical therapist or chiropractor or massage therapist office, they're influence stops when you walk out the door. That wasn't okay with me as a PT (Physical Therapist).
  • They would come back with the same body and I was like, but we did such good work and they'd be like, I don't know what I did.
  • And so I've started to unravel the patterns that people use to paint themselves into the corner that they don't like being in.
  • That's what I mean by the trunk, by being in the trunk is, you know, you unconsciously paint yourself into these corners and then you wonder how did I get here and who can help me get out of it?
  • And I'm like, okay, this is how you got there. This is the driver's seat, this is how you got there. And now if you do this other thing, you'll get a different result. Really, really revolutionary. No one's doing this.
  • So here's what she wrote:
  • "If you do one thing this year, hire Erin. The Burch Method and working with Erin will change your life. After one VIP session with her and integrating the Burch Method into my routine, my years of nagging hip and knee pain have disappeared. I travel over 100,000 miles per year in my career. And for the first time I've gotten off the plane without stiffness and pain. I have more energy and more stamina than I did in my forties. Erin is the best at what she does, period."