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326 Fast Track Your Acting Career With Valorie Hubbard

May 31, 2018

Valorie Hubbard is an actor and an expert at empowering other actors. She owns the company, Actor’s Fast Track, where she consults with working actors about their career paths. In her newest book, 'Rule Breakers - Changing The Way Actors Do Business', she shows professional actors how to create and operate their acting career as a successful business – and how to move from being “stuck” into the limelight. Some of her credits include: Castle, Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D; How I Met Your Mother; Glee; American Horror Story; Workaholics; True Blood, Resident Evil: Extinction and every Disney show. Valorie lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chef Gill Boyd and dog Gracie.

Contact Info

  • Company: Actors Fast Track
  • Website: www.ActorsFastTrack.com
  • Contact: Sara@actorsfasttrack.com will arrange a conversation for you with the right person.
  • Free Book: Text the word 'Rulebreakers' to 38470 to get a free digital download of the book, Rulebreakers by Valorie Hubbard.

Most Influential Person

  • Melissa McFarland, who was my original coach in Actor's Fast Track. She was my coach for 10 years.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has calmed my rage down. If I take that five seconds before I make a decision; discernment.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is everything. I mean, you learn that as an actor and so breathing is everything. Everything. It's life, so huge. It's a huge impact.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • Well, that's hilarious because really my tagline as an actor, is the adorable bully. Marcy Lewis is the bully. You know, like I've always played the bully. So it's so funny. I've always played that person.
  • When I was little I was teased a lot for being fat. And one of the things that I didn't know and I wasn't taught is, I think breath would have been a very big help. I mean, that's something they didn't know when I was a child, about breathing in and breathing out and breathing in and breathing out. And that time out and that five second rule, that discernment thing, you know, is really big.
  • What happened is, the kid started teasing my friend one day and because it was my friend, all of a sudden I just lost it. Like I snapped and I've had a few of those where I beat him up. He never came back to school. The girl beat him up. The fat girl beat him up.
  • I socked him hard in his face, you know. The lesson always is if you don't say something, if you don't have the conversation, if you don't face and say the truth of what you're feeling regardless of how they take it or whatever, it's like it'll build up to where you explode and possibly injure someone.
  • I mean there were times in my adult life where I, you know, early adult life where I experienced that and I was like, I do not want to experience that again.