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309 Unlock The Secrets of Sacred Orgasmic Love; Emunah Malinovitz

April 2, 2018

Emunah Malinovitz specializes in Sacred Love. She is skilled at helping you find the right person and she can give you the tools you need to build solid, long-lasting sacred love. Emunah's specialties are Sacred Ceremonies, weddings, and even divorces. She teaches tools to create powerful connections and how to connect on only 20 minutes. She also teaches couples a profound sensual way to meditate together; this method is called Sacred Orgasmic Meditation. Emunah believes in sacred love as a way of life.

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Most Influential Person

  • Oprah

Effect on Emotions

  • How has mindfulness affected your emotions? Mindfulness has gotten me more in touch with them and then I can love them like I talked about and heal them.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Tell us how breathing is part of your mindfulness; you already touched on it, but let's sum it up.
  • It's essential and it's conscious breathing, so not just breathing because God is breathing me right now, thank God, but I need to get present and be conscious to that breath and feel it.

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Bullying Story

  • Yeah, and you know, this even happened in my adult life and I was working for an amazing company doing personal growth work and I was really good at sales and I was really good at starting to do presentations from the stage. There was another woman that was working there and that was her job, you know, before I came along she was the star.
  • You can imagine if you're the person making the sales for the company, you felt good and you're important and here I came along and I had this natural ability to connect with people and to feel again using a lot of the tools we've talked about helped me be good at sales and be able to feel and be with people.
  • So she was in a position above me in her power structure in that company. So I definitely felt like there were a lot of ways where she would not give me certain opportunities or use whatever means were in her control to hold me back or not allow something to happen.
  • And it was difficult, you know, because I am a sensitive person and I can feel all of that. So it was very challenging, and the ways that I dealt with it, I first needed to know that what I was feeling wasn't wrong, that, you know, sometimes I think we make ourselves crazy, you know, and other people will make us crazy because they'll say, no, that's not going on.
  • That's all in your own head. And it's like, no, this is what's happening and I feel that and I'm not going to make that wrong. And then, you know, there were times where I would talk to my other friends about it just to get some reflection and support and make sure I'm not crazy, you know?
  • And then there were times where we've had to sit down as a group and just kind of have a circle and with other people there to support us and being honest and truthful. So I was in a community then, where we really honored the truth and we really honored being able to feel sensations.
  • I know that's not most places where we go, but that's the culture I would like to create because the truth is we are going to have people that rub us the wrong way in life. But really it's like, what is it in me that they are triggering? What is it that has me feel insecure, that is an opportunity for me to love in my own body.
  • And again, I know this stuff. It sounds so simple, but it's a lot harder to practice when you're in the situation. You know? And I don't want to make light of people who are being bullied. Like it's just the saddest thing. You know that people abuse their power and this is what we're talking about when you talk about the 'me too' movement and these men in power that are getting taken down, they had power and they bullied with it, they took with it, they used that power to take something rather than connect with another human being.
  • And I think that that's partly because we don't know how to connect. So what we've been taught is to be like, I'll be the more powerful one and I'll get my power by putting you down and this is part of what I say we're awakening the Feminine Energy in all of us.
  • We're feeling our compassion, our heart. It's like there has to come a place where our heart opens and we're like, what? I don't want to treat anybody like that. Like why would I do that? That's not right.