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304 Learn How To Ignite Your Fire Within With Lisa Winston

March 15, 2018

Lisa Winston’s love of singing led her to a professional musical career that has spanned 40 years. She’s also a speaker, teacher, best-selling co-author, artist, Authenticity coach and mom. Five years after a breast cancer diagnosis and losing her home to wildfire, Lisa knew it was time to change the course of her life in order to pursue her soul path. Today, her commitment to teaching people how to Fuel the Fire Within and how to show up extremely authentic is powerfully transforming lives. Lisa’s life is a testament to what she teaches. And it’s exactly what’s needed for people to live an unstoppable, unshakeable and unapologetic life. It is Lisa’s absolute honor and joy to support others in learning to stand in the power and magic of their true, brilliant authentic selves. Five years ago at the age of 53, Lisa Winston left a 40 year music career to pursue her soul path. Today, her commitment to teaching YES Equals Success – saying yes to what’s hard, building inner strength and courage as well as providing simple steps to business success, is transforming lives.

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Most Influential Person

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer

Effect on Emotions

  • I used to fly by the seat of my pants with my emotions and it's not that I don't get emotional now.
  • I'm able to actually really breathe and disconnect and go to a space of alignment so that I'm not out of control. And then you can make a better decision from that space.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is one of the most important things you can do if you don't have a mantra or something like that.
  • Breathing really gets you out of your head, focused on your heart and centered in the present moment awareness.
  • Breathing brings life to your body and health to your body. So it's one of the most important things that I do.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied by a teacher in sixth grade who threw me up against the lockers. I think my sister came and supported me. There was no support back then in the sixties or seventies, whatever it was. I mean he never got reprimanded and nothing ever happened, you know. He just didn't like girls and I was very playful and I ticked a lot of people off because I liked to play games.
  • But also my daughter, I remember in middle school she had so many girls. Um, I can't remember the name of the book was about a girl, but I think there's another one, Odd Girl Out (by Rachel Simmons). But the girls are so mean. A lot of times boys just punch each other out when they get ticked off. Right. But girls just like torture you emotionally.
  • I wasn't in a good space at the time; I was in a really abusive relationship at that point myself. So I was not in any kind of conscious space to really help my daughter. So I was just angry and reading books and reaching out to the schools, but I didn't see a lot of support at the schools. That was what was crazy about it. My daughter's 23 and I don't really know what's being done about the bullying thing. They have campaigns about going to college, but I don't see much in the realm of bullying.
  • I don't think very many people deal with it consciously. It's scary. It makes people angry. You fear for your kids lives and kids take their lives because of it sometimes.
  • I do leadership trainings and stuff and I really feel like if we could bring more leadership trainings to schools, to the kids about how wonderful they are and get them to learn to communicate with each other as opposed to the opposite. Even now as adults, you're walking down the street, people won't look at you. I look at people directly now because, if you really connect with people, we have a lot of the same things going on. You can really love somebody if you get to know who they are and even if you don't know them.
  • So it's a world where we're afraid of each other. But it starts as kids and then we grow into these wounded adults. So I think we need a lot more leadership programs, trainings, and children's routines. I don't know that it's going to go into the schools, the schools have some work to do around just the school system.