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298 Get Present Before Donning Your Hustler Cape; Eric Allred

February 22, 2018

Eric Allred is an entrepreneur who began his working life in the corporate world as a tech consultant. That lasted eleven months and then he began his entrepreneurial journey; at first partnering with a friend. They grew a company from $500 thousand to over $3,000,000 in sales in less than two years. Later he worked with a men's clothing company and then a media holdings company, which he's currently building with a partner. Eric has been immersed in digital marketing work and he also took over as CEO for an e-juice and CBD oil company. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant which is part of the cannabis family and is now being used by thousands of people to relieve symptoms from all kinds of ailments. Eric has recently been touring the United States as part of the CBD oil project.

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Most Influential Person

  • My coach.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has allowed me to realize that I can be a conduit to my emotions. I don't have to be my emotions.
  • There's some that kind of go through me and I'm like the vessel for them, but I don't necessarily need them to hamper or impede me.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I take time almost every day and stop and breathe. It's my way of bringing myself back to equanimity as my way of creating like a groundedness for myself.

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Bullying Story

  • I think really as I've gotten more aware, you realize just how much it effects you and impacts you. A lot of your behaviors and structures that sit on top of your essence and your identity.
  • I can remember junior year of high school, AP chemistry, second class, second seat front left, Mr Bankey's class.
  • This girl Amanda said her biceps were bigger than me, in AP chem. I went on to put on like 30 pounds that following year, I just like, lifted, lifted, lifted, lifted, lifted.
  • That took me into college where my significance was how I wanted to be received from girls, as a potential hookup, so to speak.
  • I was always the friend of a friend and I was funny and I was an older soul and that just kind of pushed me over the edge. But then I just wanted to drink and hook up with girls and it really, really, impacted me and how I show up for the feminine.
  • That turned into getting into business in the marketplace. I was like, 'Well I need to become financially successful. So they like me for my wealth and I'm powerful, I'm significant, I'm seen.'
  • It starts just like a relationship where you need something from them all the time. People can feel that.
  • To that was an instance, like we're being bullied. Being mindful of it and really seeing how it impacted me didn't all come at once. It was just kind of shedding, shedding layers of it. It was huge for me.