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296 The Feng Shui of Mindfulness; Paula Brown

February 15, 2018

Paula Brown is an artist and animal healer, possessing a profound ability to communicate with animals as a telepathic communicator. She has also worked extensively as an international award-winning branding expert. Paula is a practitioner of Black Hat Feng Shui which is the type of Feng Shui most common in North America. Paula is also accomplished in Qi Gong, Hawaiian Shamanism, Flower Essence and dowsing methodologies. She is the author of “Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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Most Influential Person

  • My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Boyd. He looked like Paul Newman. I had a crush on him and I was painfully shy.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has gotten me to be more grounded. I'm always accused of being way out in the future and with my Huna practices it has brought me into the present moment and it's allowed me to stay in the present moment and expect the best, trust myself and be in the present moment.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Huna again. There is a thing called Piko Piko breathing and it's an attention awareness up and down from the crown of your head to your navel. Whenever I get stressed out, I just revert to Piko Piko breathing. You don't have to breathe deep or anything. It's a very invisible thing so I can do it any time and any place and it brings me back into the present moment and it brings me calm. Yes, breathing is very important. Piko means center in Hawaian. It means navel. When you breathe in you bring your awareness to the crown of your head, not your breath but your awareness. When you breathe out you bring your awareness to the center of your navel. You do that three times and it's amazing. Your whole body relaxes and when you're relaxed you're you. When you're tense you're not. So Piko Piko brings you that relaxation.

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Bullying Story

  • I have many bullying stories because I was such an odd child. I was never part of the 'in' crowd but I was always very interesting so people would reach out to me.  I was one of the smartest ones too, so people would copy from me. That was my strength.
  • In business, I was bullied a lot, being the only female VP or creative director at the time in these large advertising agencies. I had to be escorted to enter the Algonquin Club in Boston by the chief of BBDNO and the Vice President because I went in the front door alone and various men stood up and grabbed me and walked me out and told me I was nothing and that I shouldn't be there.
  • I was verbally and physically shoved out of the room and then told to go through the servants entrance. Then I couldn't even go there because I wasn't a man. And so I had to be escorted and I'll tell you that left some pretty indelible feelings about how women were treated and how I was treated and it made me more resolve to be more outspoken about us as women being worthwhile.
  • Literally, you're stripped of your worth when something like that happens. The words and the physicalness; the words were very damaging. So I look at bullying as the words and also the physical aspect of it but mostly words.