286 Men - Unleash Your Creative Expression With Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

January 11, 2018

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is an arts visionary. She works with men who have already earned their financial rewards and now they want to make their mark in other ways; in the form of a legacy perhaps. Emerald is founder and lead visionary of The Creative Age Consulting Group. It has been said that Emerald is 'A Voice of Clarity in the Sea of Confusion'. Emerald is also the recipient of a Be the Change Movement To Watch Award. She is the Founding Visionary of ArtWalk Nashua which is now in its thirteenth year.

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Effect on Emotions

  • What I love about the mindfulness practices is what happens with my emotions is, I'm much better able to identify and have awareness when I am feeling something and being able to choose to acknowledge, okay, I'm feeling this right now and also be able to hold myself back one step. Enough to discern; do I need to do anything with this feeling? And be able to make a choice about that rather than be in reaction.
  • I am so much less reactive than I was once upon a some. So much less reactive.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I love breathing. Yoga introduced me to breathing back in 2001. When I was going through the divorce from my first 'was-band'. I was also in my own spiritual awakening at that time. Breathing was absolutely essential. I would sit at my desk with my bully partner and be on the phone with my soon to be X wasband who was also yelling at me about something.
  • I had 'breathe' written in little index cards on my desk and I would just look at the index card.
  • The word 'breathe' is seven letters so I had it written in the seven colors of the rainbow. I would take one breath and just let whatever was going on, go on, while I remembered, oh, I'm going to breathe now. This is important to breathe now.

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Bullying Story

  • I can tell a story about when I was in real estate. Both of my partners were bullies. During that time when we were doing that project, it was like, driving, driving, driving to get it done.
  • There was so much anger and so much dysfunction in the relationship that I had with them. More importantly, the relationship that I had with myself; I simply shut down and tolerated it or I reacted to it and tried to fight the bully or I took it in and then tried to process it at home on my own, feeling like there was something wrong with me and it was my fault and how could I make myself into a pretzel to make this not happen anymore.
  • If I had been well, and at that time I wasn't, the consciousness that I had then was exactly perfect for the time, but the me I am now, if I could go back to the me I was then, I would most definitely equip her with mindfulness tools.
  • I would also whisper into my ear that this is not about you, it is about their stuff. I'd help her to create a sanctuary for herself where, even though that's going on out there, she's clear and healthy.