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277 Managing Stage Fright with Mindfulness; Julie Jaffee Nagel

December 11, 2017

Dr. Julie Jaffee Nagel is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. As a concert pianist with two degrees from the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, Dr. Nagel repeatedly experienced stage fright and performance stress.   She eventually decided to gain a more thorough understanding of what interfered with doing what she loved and was trained to do. That’s when she returned to school at The University of Michigan and graduated with degrees in Social Work and a Ph.D. in psychology. Now she has treated hundreds of individuals and helped them discover and peel back their barriers to feeling competent so that they can pursue and fulfill their professional and personal dreams. Dr. Nagel has recently published a book called, Managing Stage Fright: A Guide for Musicians and Music Teachers.

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Most Influential Person

  • My Grandfather

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has helped me understand myself and feel good with myself despite some of the harsh winds that have blown and will continue to blow. I can go inside my mind.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing simmers me down; deep breathing, slow breathing. Thinking about the breathing and trying to know that I have resources in myself and that breathing will simmer me down when I'm boiling over.

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Bullying Story

  • Stage fright is a bully in itself. Stage fright is a bully that makes competent people feel like they're incompetent. I think bullies tend to do that.
  • Whatever we can do; whatever technique or therapy works for an individual to help build a strong sense of self and self-esteem so that these bullies, whether they come from inside your mind or from some person at school or at work, that we can withstand that because we have a sense of self that says, I'm not going to allow myself to be treated that way.
  • I'm not buying into what you're saying about me. I think that mindfulness; if you can think of yourself as successful and competent.
  • It's kind of like developing a sensitivity to, that's not my problem, that's the bully's problem and then to be able to speak up and find help whether you're a child or an adult.
  • If you can't simmer yourself down to the point that you do believe in yourself, then hopefully you can find someone who can help you.
  • I think stage fright is a giant bully that can undermine the more competent, talented, prepared person. We can help innoculate people to dealing with that kind of a bully.

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