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275 Love-Based Business Explained by Author, Michele (PW) Pariza Wacek

December 4, 2017
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the "Love-Based Business" series of books that share how to sell more with love and build a solid, profitable business on a foundation of love. In addition, she owns a copywriting and marketing company along with writing and publishing fiction. To grab your free book "How to Start a Business You Love AND That Loves You Back," visit LoveBasedBiz.com

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Most Influential Person

  • Christina Rio, My Spiritual Mentor

Effect on Emotions

  • Because of mindfulness, the vast majority of the time I feel inner peace. It's like a contented feeling. Sometimes fear-based emotions will come up and sometimes I'm also full of happy or joy. For the most part, mindfulness has allowed me to live my life in an even keel where I feel peaceful and contented. I think that's what a lot of people would like.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • So many of us do shallow breathing. The problem with those shallow chest breathings is that it's not very good for your physiology. Focus on the belly breath. Even just putting your hands there gives you something else to focus on. It's a lot better for you as you go through it.

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Bullying Story

  • I was horribly bullied as a child. In elementary school, in middle school, and even my first job I was bullied. It was both boys and girls, mostly girls though.
  • My boss was a woman who was really bad about it. Yes, I do think knowing mindfulness would have helped. You can actually change your environment when you change yourself. I know that my reaction caused it to get worse.
  • If I had simply just stood there and didn't react to what they were doing, they would have left me alone. That's what the key is. They were preying off me crying and getting more upset and off of me just not knowing what to do.
  • That's where they're getting their power from. If you don't give them the reaction they're looking for, then they have no power over you and they likely will find somewhere else to go. Because I had such a strong 'only-child'. My mom didn't go to a lot of play dates. This is absolutely not my mom's faulth.
  • I don't remember having friends my age until I was older, school-age, like five, six, seven. I know I had trouble dealing with social situations. I think that's what made me a target.
  • Over the years I learned how to read social situations better. I slowly learned how not to put myself in the situation where bullying would happen.