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273 Vaginal Therapy; The Ultimate Mindfulness With Sophia Wise One

November 27, 2017

Sophia Wise One is an expert in the field of vagina therapy. She's also the creator of the skill building, 'I Love My Life' card game and Oracle Deck. Sophia is fiercely passionate about helping her clients find and express their true self so they can discover their inner wisdom. Sophia has done bodywork for twenty years and has worked as a certified Holistic Pelvic Care Provider Tm, Reiki Master and LMT - Child mystic & shamanic practitioner. Sophia Wise One can help you move through pain, blocks, trauma, stagnation, and difficult transitions to find healing, creative renewal, embodiment, and juicy living on the other side. She is always asking, “Who would you be if you were truly yourself?”

Contact Info

  • Website: www.SophiaWiseOne.com
  • Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter: @SophiaWiseOne
  • Podcast: Vagina Talks (To be launched soon)

Most Influential Person

  • Larry Ward (Peggy and Larry Ward are two Dharma teachers)

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has resulted in my ability to feel my feelings. I used to weep and when I would weep three to five times a day, that is what I would refer to as a motive dissociation, a hyperactive dissociation, like a hyper shutdown dissociation.
  • I would leave my body while I was weeping and screaming. Mindfulness and the practice of really being with what's happening has brought me into an experience of actually feeling my body, feeling my feelings, which allows them to come and go.
  • It allows me to actually have a peace inside me that I thought people were lying about happiness and peace; that inside space. On the hardest days now, there's a peace and a happiness that's grateful to be here, even if I'm sad and exhausted and vulnerable.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is a part of everything. It's just like, in - out. Meet the space in between. Like in - meet the space, the turning point. We're inhaling life force, we're exhaling life force. We're creating life force and we're birthing life force. The breath is the energy, is the life force. We're either actively in the flow or we're fighting with being and existence. Just recently I got in one of those edgy, not pretty patterns. I was screaming and crying and I couldn't get my breath. I watched myself. I watched my stubbornness not want to breathe. I watched my stubbornness want to hold my breath. I said, ok, you know what stubbornness. You can be stubborn but I'm still going to breathe.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • I was blessed with some beautiful education while growing up, so I was made fun of. I've been the weirdo my whole life, even amongst a hippy school. They said she is even weirder than the rest of us. So I got called a lot of names: a freak, a weirdo, etc. In high school, my best friends would make fun of me, but they were funny so I would laugh and then they got mad at me. I'd say I don't mind being the butt of a joke. So there were elements of bullying and there was shrinking there that happened. I'm also really blessed because I had a lot of mindfulness in a lot of those circumstances and had a lot of compassion for the people picking on me.
  • The real answer that I want to share with you. I was my worst bully. I was probably about 20, I had dropped out of college school. I had followed my hands to massage and become a bodyworker.
  • I was weeping anywhere from two to five times a day. I had just found out that I was in the process of tracking and kind of getting in the process of managing my PMDD. Somehow I found myself in a meditation and I went to visit my inner child and there she was. It was just an empty space and there was this little girl in a corner and she was very upset and I went to walk towards her and she was pulled away from me really hard.
  • I looked at her and she was bloody. It was terrible. I was standing there in this vision and I said, 'who did this to you?' What happened? She wouldn't look at me. She wouldn't turn towards me at all. I looked down in my vision and I was standing on a pile of bricks and every time that little girl asked me for something, I would throw a brick at her.
  • Every time she said that something hurt or that she needed something, or she was scared, I would say, stop it, you're the problem, go away. It was so clear that this innocent, sweet being, who just didn't want to be hurt by the world or by the person I was dating or by family patterns. Anything she asked for, I just begged her to go away and would scream and throw things.
  • So I started a practice right then and there and it took a couple of weeks, but every day I would go back to this vision. From right at that moment, I said, I didn't know I was doing this. I would never do this on purpose. I can't believe I'm that person, but I am. No one else is here and you're terrified of me.
  • And so I stepped away from the bricks and I said I didn't know, but now I know and I won't do it again. I understand that you're mad at me. So I went every day in my vision and say to her; I'm here and I'm sorry and I'm not going to do it again and I'm just listening. Slowly she softened and I would say just four or five days of going back to her and pleading my case, but giving her space. I  always had that image of beauty and the beast when she's cleaning the wounds. The rag and the bucket.
  • She came towards me and I said please let me tend these wounds. I know I  created them, but please let me tend them. So I cleaned the blood off her arms and then I would bring this balm, healing oils, and I cleaned her up and I would balm the wounds.
  • She wouldn't talk, but she would let me do that. Then about two weeks later, I would go and the wounds were starting to heal and she started to talk. She talked the way that kids talk. I'd asked her serious and sometimes playful questions and she would answer.
  • Then slowly the wounds healed and she began to play. The bricks were gone and she would come and sit with me. I would go and do this journey and we had to come up with a new system. I said, if I'm not paying attention to you, you've got to pull on my skirt. That's my most powerful bully story.