257 Experience The Entrepreneur House with Host Chris Reynolds

October 2, 2017

Chris Reynolds is a digital nomad and founder of The Entrepreneur House where Entrepreneurs from the world over get together to collaborate, produce and execute their creative business initiatives. Chris is currently based in a mountain paradise in Thailand and he has also hosted guests in Barcelona, Spain  In the past Chris has lived in such places as Costa Rica, Peru, England, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Chris is originally from Missouri, U.S.A.

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Most Influential Person

  • My Mother

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness helps me manage my emotions and to know that the low times are just temporary and how I'm reacting from those emotions.
  • Also from the high times, knowing those are temporary.
  • [Mindfulness also helps] to keep myself in check and not become too arrogant or egotistical.
  • [It also helps] to realize that it's important to be mindful that life has highs and lows. That can keep you on a good wave length with continually growing and figuring out what's next.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I use breathing when I meditate and I think that gets me centered a lot.
  • I realize when my emotions are out of balance, when I'm getting more stressed or frustrated, or when anger comes up, I use breathing to either let go of that, or find a center grounding.
  • If I ever have trouble sleeping, I use breathing exercises to drift off to sleep. That really helps me find a center of focus where I can focus on my goals and work toward my dreams and be aware of how I'm treating others at the same time.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied as a kid and I bullied as a kid. Growing up, through that experience I definitely was not aware of what I was doing or the effects of what I was doing or how it was really affecting me.
  • Me being bullied, that part even affects me today. Me doing the bullying doesn't affect me so much.
  • The one person in particular; I've actually tried to reach out to that person to apologize and make it even. I think becoming aware through personal development made me really realize how hurtful that is to children and how it really impacts them.
  • I can think of three individuals who bullied me growing up and how I still feel about them today. One of them is now a good friend and has been for fifteen years or so.
  • The earlier days when I was being bullied by him; I still think about that exact moment, what happened and how hurtful it was. And also, in retaliation and in order to fit in, the bullying on my part was sent off to somebody else.
  • I think it's very important to teach our kids mindfulness and to become aware of how your behavior is affecting others. That would prevent a lot of that [bullying]. If we have children and parents that are aware of this type of behavior, it would really change the world.