243 Creativity Is Essential to Brambleberry CEO, Anne-Marie Faiola

August 17, 2017

Anne-Marie is a bubbly, fun-loving, mindful CEO - and she calls herself the Soap Queen. She’s been making soap for over twenty years and loves teaching her followers on SoapQueenTV.com  Her business is called BrambleBerry.com. Anne-Marie lives in the moment, and many of those moments have been spent with essential oils and beautiful colorants in her highly sought-after recipes. Anne-Marie thrives on the truly pleasurable experience of helping others discover their own world of soaps, candles and even cosmetics. She’s written a book called ‘Live Your Best Day Ever’ - Thirty-Five Strategies For Daily Success where she reveals the SECRET everyone wants - the SECRET OF SUCCESS.

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Most Influential Person

  • Oprah Winfrey

Effect on Emotions

  • I try to meditate every day; usually twice a day, morning and night. If I miss it, say I'm traveling, and it just doesn't happen I notice that I am more quick to negative emotions, more quick to judgment, I'm quick to feeling persecuted, I'm quick to feeling the victim, I'm quick to flashing with anger, I'm quick to telling myself a story that is not true about the situation.
  • On the days and weeks when I am consistent about meditating, I think it helps to give me the pause between the situtation and my emotion and the story I'm telling myself.  When I do that, it takes the sting away, whatever negative situation I'm in.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • When I breathe, I'm able to calm my heart rate; I'm able to focus myself.
  • It's almost impossible to be stressed if your parasympathetic nervous system is not having a wildly beating heartrate.
  • So breathing in and out and in and out is something I often come back to, especially in times of anxiety or when I'm feeling stress about something, expecially on planes. Especially when I'm dealing with a four-year-old who won't go to bed, for example.
  • I would say that I am deeply aware, when I'm stressed out I'm more inclined to take shallow breaths that are quick, versus when I'm fully present, deep belly breathing in and out and in and out

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Bullying Story

  • Bullied is a strong word. What I would say is, I was never the popular kid. Kids used to call me thunder-thighs in middle school and then in high school I was not a popular kid.
  • I remember running for student body, I think it was treasurer or secretary and the popular girls tore down my signs from the wall. I felt lonely and I didn't have close girl friends.
  • I didn't have a close tribe in high school or even middle school. I think that's one of the reasons that I have really, as an adult, I can control my environment and my surroundings much more.
  • In high school and middle school you are in the pond and you are stuck in the pond no matter what.
  • I think that's why, as an adult, I have really surrounded myself with a group, a tribe of strong business people; strong women of integrity, strong men of value to spend the bulk of my time with.