240 Thinkific Content Manager Inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad; Tyler Basu

August 7, 2017

Tyler Basu is a prolific content creator, marketer, and online success story. He is content manager for Thinkific, a widely sought-after platform for creating and selling online courses. He is creator and host of the Podcast called Lifestyle Business Magazine and Publisher of the online Magazine of the same name. He is a contributor to numerous online publications including Entrepreneur, Influencive and Addicted2Success.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • My father-in-law (I've never seen him upset in my whole life).

Effect on Emotions

  • My wife teases me and says I don't have emotions.
  • The majority of the time I'm very, very calm. It's difficult to upset me because, in the grand scheme of things, most things that happen to me are not that big a deal.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is something that I've practiced. I think it was Tony Robbins or one of those influences that introduced me to that.
  • In the morning or at night, the same time that I'm sitting down to reflect on the day and express gratitude, I'll just take some time to focus on breathing.
  • Even a few times throughout the day, if I need a break, I'll drink some water and focus on breathing. It calms me down before I jump into something else.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod
  • App: N/A (Pen and paper)

Bullying Story

  • I can think of quite a few stories. I was beat up quite a few times as a kid. One time, I didn't even see it coming. Two other kids were fighting. You know how everyone gets in a circle to watch a fight in schools?
  • I was standing there eating some Skittles and I must have said something cocky or lippy. This was grade 8 or 9, and all of a sudden one of the kids who was about to fight the other kid started to turn around and start hitting me.  And with the Skittle; when he hit my face, the Skittle popped out my cheek and I ended up needing stitches to close up half my mouth for a few days.
  • This is just one example and one of the times I learned to think about what I was about to say before I started to say something dumb that might offend someone. It was a good experience in a way.
  • Me and that kid became friends after that; we worked it out.
  • I'm not saying that bullying is a good thing, but if there's something in your life that's hard on you, find a way to appreciate what's happening, because hopefully, you're getting strong because of it.
  • Your ability to tolerate hardships increases. Business is tough, so if you don't have the thick skin or if you are not willing to make the calls and present your ideas and get shot down; if you're not willing to get out there and still keep going when other people are giving you a hard time or don't believe in you, then you're going to have a really hard time of it.
  • Whatever you can do to develop some thick skin and some mental toughness is generally a good thing.