236 Archangel Event Creator Inspired by X-Men; Giovanni Marsico

July 24, 2017

Giovanni Marsico is a connector of superheroes. He is is the founder of the wildly successful Archangel Academy which is an organization bringing together mission-driven entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place. Archangel proceeds go to The Archangel Fund, which is used to provide micro-loans and donations to entrepreneurs and charities making the world a better place. On September 7th, he will again host the Archangel Summit in Toronto, which will unite two thousand passionate attendees who will grow and prosper as a result of their Archangel experience. Included in the impressive list of featured speakers are Lewis Howes, The Shark Tank’s Daymond John, MeToWe’s Marc Kielburger, and Danielle LaPorte. Giovanni is directed, centered and focused as he prepares for these large scale events which seamlessly interweave music, high calibre speakers, and video, to create a masterpiece presentation.

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Most Influential Person

  • Dr. Stephanie Estima / Phillip McKernan / Jesse Elder

Effect on Emotions

  • I feel that I'm constantly growing and being more and more awake and aware to the idea that I am the perceiver of the emotion, the feeler of the emotion, but I can also be the narrator, the actor, the audience.
  • I can be different roles and I can step back and watch this happening and not think that it is me. I am the one perceiving.
  • For me this is really important because I'm not attached to what is happening. The emotions become a guidepost for my intuition giving me messages about what's happening in the moment.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • It's such a simple thing that we all don't understand. I used to suffer from really bad panic attacks and anxiety.
  • Scientifically I learned that when you start feeling adrenaline or cortisol, you actually hold your breath, or you breathe shorter breaths. Then your body kicks in more adrenaline and says, hey, you're not breathing. Start breathing. But then you feel more of a panic and it leads into a panic attack.
  • I remember learning square breathing from a nurse. One of my panic attacks was so bad, I thought it was a heart attack. I called the ambulance. It was just a very deep panic attack. This one awesome nurse taught me square breathing and how important breath is when you're feeling anxiety. It is the easiest way to get centered, ever.
  • Last week at the Archangel Show, Elizabeth DiAlto said, "It's very complicated, just breathe."

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Bullying Story

  • It's part of my origin story. I'm a comic book geek and that's part of the story. When I was in fifth grade, my school did IQ testing which I think a lot of schools do and I was labeled as gifted. I didn't know what that meant, so I asked my parents. They said, you're really, really smart, you have a high IQ. Cool. No judgement.
  • But that year I started getting bullied in class for being smart which is something I can never understand. I remember one day, a bunch of kids ganged up on me and said, 'stop doing so well on your test, you make us all look bad.' I thought, what?
  • I went home crying and now had this negative charge to the idea of being gifted. It was strange for me.
  • Shortly after, I started getting into comic books and I discovered the X-Men. The very first page I opened, there was an image that said, Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. And there was that word again.
  • But now it actually meant something different. It meant you had a super power. So now it kind of shifted everything. I fell in love with the X-Men.
  • When people ask me, who's your favourite comic book character? I say, Professor X. I think I'm the only person who says that. Usually people say Iron Man or Batman, or Superman. Mine is Professor X.
  • Since then, I've actually modelled the Archangel business plan after the X-Men. Our Master's group is like the X-Men, a team of super heros that are creating change.
  • The superheros are also teachers for the gifted school, which is Archangel Academy (this program coming out in the fall), and the Summit. I owe everything to being bullied, which led me to the X-Men. If you connect all these dots, I'm here because of all that.