229 Listen With Your Body, Mind, and Spirit With Sharon Carne of Sound Wellness

June 29, 2017

Sharon Carne is passionate about the healing power of sound and music. She has developed stress reduction programs making use of the healing power of sound. Sharon has produced sound healing recordings and is frequently invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community. Sharon also has written a book called, “Listen From the Inside Out”.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • My good friend Tina and also my sister.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness calms my emotions so much.
  • That deep breath is one of the first places you go to. Then whatever situation I'm in, whatever the mindfulness tool I bring in. A sound or an internal sound. One of my favourite things is to listen to the bird songs as I go on my walks. That's my mindfulness walk. My mindfulness meditation.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • The breath brings me right back. It always does that.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • We had quite an experience in our own family with our older son.
  • When he was in grade 7, he moved to another school. About six of the kids who were his best friends in grade 6 in the previous school were in his group at school.
  • Our older son has always been my teacher for integrity; since he could speak. At that age of grade seven when you're twelve or thirteen and peer pressure becomes an important part of the social milieu and so he would say, I'm not going to do that, that's not right.
  •  He started getting bullied, which ended up after several months with an enormous amount of angst. He was crying himself to sleep at night and he came home one day and said, mom, I'm not going back to school.
  • He was just vibrating with stress and frustration and anger. He actually hit a kid, which is why he said he was not going back to school. I said, OK.
  • Another of his friends was being homeschooled at that time so I called his mom and said, what do I do. She coached me on what to do and so I called the school and said I was taking him out to be homeschooled and explained that every intervention I've tried had not worked.
  • So, it was one of the things that really helped Will, whenever he was really super stressed, it would affect his stomach.
  • I found a CD. It was called Chakra Chants by Jonathon Goldman. I said, just stay in bed, Will. I know your stomach's hurting and this is psychological hurting so it was real.
  • I would put the CD on and he would come down sixty minutes later saying, I'm all better, Mom. It was amazing.
  • It helped him so much, having it in the background and encouraging him to allow the sound to do it's work, even though he wasn't focusing on it.