216 The Messengers Documentary Is About Story Explains Filmmaker Niel Guilarte

May 15, 2017

Niel Guilarte is the owner of Wild Style Media in Tampa Florida, which is an award-winning, high-end video and production company. Niel is also host of the All Things Post podcast, founding member of the Florida Podcasters Association and co-organizer of Podfest Multimedia Expo with Chris Krimitsos. Niel is also a podcast launch coach and speaker

Message from Niel to Mindful Tribe: You Can Do Whatever You Want  To Do. My biggest life lesson was someone telling me, you shouldn't do more than one thing. NOT listening to that advice is why I am currently enjoying some of the best days of my life. Please don't ever give up on what you want to do. Be mindful of how you do it, but do EVERYTHING that you want to do.

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Most Influential Person

  • My father

Effect on Emotions

  • I think I control them better now because I'm mindful of my emotions. Before, I let my emotions control me a lot.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • That's [breathing] a new one for me. I just recently started doing that; controlling my breathing, closing my eyes, counting to 10, those type of small simple steps. It really calms me down. I never realized [the difference].
  • I apply that [mindful breathing] now; late at night when I'm editing I sort of balance myself and then I keep moving and that's been working great.

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Bullying Story

  • When I was a kid I was jumped a few times for liking and doing the things that I do and being told I should only focus on one thing.
  • I was bullied verbally and sometimes physically, as kids are. Back then we didn't know that's what it was called.
  • As much as people shouldn't bully, the amount you allow is sort of in your power. This is where I rely on the Christian side, making me a stronger man so that I tolerate less bullying. I allow a little less in.
  • That doesn't mean that people don't force themselves, but people tend to not bully you as much when you have a certain level of confidence about yourself.
  • When I worked for the police department, I learned that you are somewhat the reason you got robbed because you had your head down or you were distracted. You give clues to people to harm you.
  • If you walk like you are a confident person, and you walk alert, you are a little less likely to become a victim.
  • I say in life, if you want to be bullied less, ordered around less, manipulated less, be more confident in yourself and in what you believe in whatever that is, then you'll be less likely to allow it.
  • It is to some degree, a little bit in our control; not all of it. Just a little bit.