214 Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin; Muscle Prodigy Co-Founder Jaret Grossman

May 8, 2017

Jaret Grossman is highly skilled in guiding and advising others. In fact, he’s in a personal development league of his own, which is way up there on the upper echelon of spectacular business consultants and mindset coaches. Jaret’s brilliant insight is illuminated in many of his Youtube videos which have received over 30 million views. Jaret is known as one of New York’s best wrestlers, he holds a law degree, and he also has a health and fitness brand called Muscle Prodigy. Jaret has written a book called Cracking The Code, which has helped thousands of readers get their lives on track.

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Most Influential Person

  • My parents / Tony Robbins / Max (a wrestling mentor) / Parker (College Wrestling Coach)

Effect on Emotions

  • When you get to a point you realize that you're doing the same patterns over and over again. Then you realize that it's painful.
  • It's only when you learn to break free from the patterns that you'll experience peace. The only way to do that is mindfulness. Being consciously aware of; I feel this thing and I normally do this. Why?
  • The real root is the why. Why are you doing it? Is there a reason? Is it serving you? Is it not serving you? If you really dig deep, the layers of the why ... there is this breakthrough moment that it's like, why? And you can shift it. Then you can start implanting a new pattern that's more beneficial to you.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Most of us breathe shallow and into our chest.
  • It's a shortened breath and that's usually the same breathing as someone who is anxious & tense all the time. Fear driven. It's shallow breaths.
  • If you could do the reverse where as you breathe deep into your belly, now you're going to be much more relaxed and calm.
  • When we talk about alpha, it's about alpha male, alpha female. It's really coming from brain waves. Alpha is actually an alertness with a calm to it also.
  • That's sort of the mode you want to be in on a daily basis. That's when you're in control; when you're alert but you're calm.

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