221 Adjust Your Sails With Joel Brookman

June 1, 2017

Joel Brookman has a deep passion for using his expertise learned in the trenches of Wall Street, to guide others in their journeys. He is a Certified Financial Coach and Personal development expert focused on helping people clearly articulate their life's goals and then move on to achieving them. Joel’s experience is working as a Senior Executive for a Fortune 100 Wall Street firm. Presently he is committed to helping as many people as possible through his podcast, ‘90 Second Navigator’, a show which offers practical ways to become crystal clear on what you truly want in life. Joel is a firm believer in mindful breathing; he ends every episode focusing on the breath.

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Most Influential Person

  • Eckhart Tolle

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has made me a much calmer person. Meditation and being able to separate myself from my life situation has done amazing things for me and has reduced my stress in the process.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Every morning, the first thing I do when I get out of bed is I sit and I breathe. I try to do it somewhere between five and ten minutes and just clear my mind. Before everything comes in; before the day starts, just get grounded. And that's just focusing on the breath and just letting everything else go.

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Bullying Story

  • I was fortunate. Personally, I didn't get bullied. I don't think I was a bully. I could have been nicer to a few people over the course of my life.
  • The mindfulness part should play a role [in bullying situations].
  • If you can separate yourself from what is happening. In other words, if I am this person who is being portrayed by the bully and I see myself there, then the bully is winning.
  • But if I rise above it, and through mindfulness understand that I am bigger than my life situation; if I can get beyond that, then that can change the whole dynamic.
  • It's a challenge with children, I notice this with my own kids, getting them open to mindfulness between ages 10 and 18, it's tough to do. I talk to my children all the time about it and I always wonder if there's a better way to deliver it. I'm not sure I have the answer to that. There's no escape on social media for kids or teachers.