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2 Words To Redirect Your Life

September 12, 2021

If there were 2 words that could shift the direction of your life, immediately aiming your own personal GPS exactly where you wanted, what do you think they’d be? Speaking of the direction of our lives, it’s easy for our GPS to develop a short circuit. That happens when we don’t program it right, or when the circuitry becomes scrambled. Our GPS is programmed by a number of factors; by what our conscious mind puts into it, what our subconscious mind puts into it, and what all the noise from the

Our conscious mind protects us against perceived danger, and our past experiences all play a role in creating our personal story about what is dangerous to us. Trouble is, many of those personal stories are buried in our subconscious mind and we aren’t aware of how all that information is influencing our actions.

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Veering Off Course?

Have you stopped to examine what you really want your life to look like? No, I mean really stopped, taken a pause from your activities, from your busyness, from your day-to-day life to allow yourself to go deep into that place where you allow every fiber of your being to relax into what you absolutely want for yourself.

Maybe when you start to get to the place, you’ll realize you’re living your life according to somebody else’s recipe. Someone in your life now or in your past impacted your thinking. Maybe even without knowing it, they said something, or did something that sent your inner GPS veering off course, attempting to take you someplace you don’t even want to go to.

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Where Is My Place?

So have you decided what those two words are that can help you change everything? Your anxiety will begin to melt. You will become focused, you will feel a certain calmness that you’ve been longing for.

The reason you’ve veered off course has to do with your self-value. Somewhere along the line you started to question your own personal value. You started to wonder why you’re here and you struggled with the question of ‘how do I fit in’. Where is my place here in the universe?

How to Get On The Right Track

Does this resonate with you? Are you burying your insecurities? There are lots of ways to bury what’s bothering us. Some of us use alcohol or marijuana, some use food, some of us are workaholics. What’s your method of burying your pain? How do you get through the challenges that are slapping you in the face?

So many of you have reached out to me and I’ve now had the honor of working with a lot of you, Mindful Tribe. You know who you are. I know who you are. You are special to me, and I know that you know exactly what I’m talking about today.

These two words are words I’ve talked about in the past. They will help you get on the right track.

Listen Up

To hear the two words I'm talking about, listen to this episode. Once you know the two words, you'll discover they will lead you to the process of letting go. Letting go is something we’ve talked a lot about on Mindfulness Mode. Doing the exercise I talk about on the episode will help you let go. It will teach you something about yourself and where you really want to be in this world. It will help reveal where you want to be headed.

Two simple words that can help you get back on course. Those words can help you redirect your life so you’re headed in the direction that’s right for you.

If you’re like me, sometimes you think things have to be complicated to have value. That is definitely not true. Some of the most valuable lessons in life are the simplest.

A Recent Endorsement

One of my clients just finished her coaching sessions and she sent me this endorsement telling you about her success with hypnosis:
“My name is Danielle Genenz. I’ve struggled with my inner bully, low self-esteem and lack of self worth for years. My relationships with family members have always been difficult and I’ve gone long periods of time without speaking with them. Since I’ve had the honor to work with Bruce Langford on hypnotherapy, my life has changed for the better. I’ve been able to establish more boundaries in my relationships, which has allowed me to renew a connection I’ve not had in a long time with my family. I’m able to talk with them without constant confrontations and tensions and we are now able to communicate on a weekly basis. I’ve also developed a sense of calmness that has been missing from my life. Now my battle with negative self talk has eased significantly and I feel more freedom to do things I enjoy without the constant burden of emotional stress. Hypnotherapy has also helped me to develop more interest in socialization and I’m better able to give more time to myself. So once you are ready to do the work, I would really recommend this program to anybody who wants to improve their life and give themselves the gift of having more peace and confidence. Bruce has made all the difference in my life and I know he can for you as well.”
Danielle Genenz, Hypnosis Client

You Are Appreciated

I sincerely hope you’re not suffering with anxiety, hurt, pain, anger, and lack of focus. If you are, you can move forward toward a better life. A life where your direction is clear, a life where you are enjoying the results of your hard work and your accomplishments.

Thanks for listening to this episode about moving towards your clear goal. It’s great to sit here and share this with you, just as if you were here in the room sitting right here with me. Have a great rest of your day.

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