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185 Better Leaders, Better Schools Happen With Mindfulness Says Principal Daniel Bauer

January 26, 2017

Daniel Sunshine Bauer is a Principal at a middle school in Texas. He is dedicated to the success and development of school leaders everywhere and he helps them create a winning culture by focusing on what’s truly essential so they can lead with courage and integrity. His passion is developing school staff members to their fullest potential. Daniel says, 'the impact a highly-functioning staff can have on the student body and community is priceless.'  His mission is to create better leaders to lead better schools. Daniel believes in mindfulness, meditation and running and finds these habits help keep him focused and centered.

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Effect on Emotions

  • It makes me notice them [emotions]. It helps me be aware that they exist. It helps me separate them from what follows. So even if it's a great happiness or a great hurt, I can just notice it and then chose to respond in a positive way. This is as opposed to letting emotions dictate where I go.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing slows you down. When you focus on your breath I find that you have slower, more intentional breaths. It brings your heart rate down and it brings you into a place of calmness. That's why I enjoy when meditating, I really focus on the breath. Plus, how do you meditate? It's okay that your mind wanders, but your breath is the centering piece. It's about calmness and decluttering your mind.

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