175 Quantum Healing and NLP For Body and Mind Transformation; Beth Sutherland

December 22, 2016

Beth Sutherland is a coach with extensive abilities including Neuro Linguistic Programing, better known as NLP, Quantum Healing, Healing Touch as well as incredible intuitive gifts. She helps her clients undergo major transformational changes through unique coaching experiences as well as healing sessions, workshops, and programs for the physical body. Some of her influencers include Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler and Dr.Wayne Dyer

Contact Info

  • Website: bethsutherland.com

Most Influential Person

  • Wayne Dyer and Adam McLeod

Effect on Emotions

  • I used to say my shoulders were my earmuffs because they were up so high, and my fingernails used to be dug inside my hands, and my legs were so locked that I had bowed legs that went backwards. The emotion I had inside my body most of the times was fear. Fear of somebody catching me doing something wrong, or just being me, which I thought was wrong. Mindfulness was allowing. Allowing me to be me, allowing that my body and brain profile was just the way I wanted it to be. I was hardwired and nobody else knew how to deal with it, so I was lucky that I unlocked it. And so I go back to that and say, turn the thoughts around and they will turn to nothing eventually.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • That's one of the things that I learned that I didn't do properly. I breathed opposite the way I should. Most people when you breathe in, you gasp for air as if you're taking air and it ends up in your throat. You're actually supposed to breath in through your nose and fill up your diaphragm, fill up your belly. And so, I was totally backwards breathing, and that causes an awful lot of strain on the body, not getting enough oxygen during the day and that kind of stuff.
  • I have this 1,2,3 process where I use total body modification. it's one of the courses that I took. You actually put your fingers together and it triggers the top part of your lungs to open, then the bottom part, and then the diaphragm and so, within 3 seconds, you're breathing in and you're filling up all of those areas. You're nurturing yourself when you're breathing in and you're allowing the toxins to come out when you're blowing everything out at the end. So, just by touching your pointer fingers, then your pointer finger and your middle finger, and then pointer, middle and ring fingers together it will allow you to breathe.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: Surrender by Dr. David R Hawkins
  • App: None

Advice for Newbie

Give yourself permission to start doing it and say, 'I'm not wasting time by taking half an hour in my day to do this. I am actually gaining time.' People need to shift to get there, to realize they can't say, 'I don't want to waste half an hour doing that'. It goes by very, very quickly and it absolutely adds tenfold to your life.