157 Use MIndfulness To Be Self-Aware With Your People Suggests Videographer Matt Peet

October 24, 2016

Matt Peet is a videographer and he founded the company Re-Peet Productions, playing off his last name. An impressive service Matt offers for wedding or conferences, is ‘Same Day Edits’, where he has a finished video ready to show guests or attendees later in the day after shooting the footage. Matt also has a podcast called Finding Creative Success where he interviews successful creatives to discover their success secrets. Matt recently filmed Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • John Lee Dumas

Effect on Emotions

  • It's helped me connect better with people. If I'm mindful and thoughtful at the same time, I can be listening to someone, taking in what they're saying and reacting accordingly as opposed to snapping at somebody because I'm stressed out. I can be in that moment with that person.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I do breathing regularly whenever I'm trying to be mindful, whether I'm stressed out at my desk, I'll just stop and count to ten or twenty and I'll just focus on my breathing. Just focus on that and nothing else.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • App: Headspace

Advice for Newbie

I would say become self aware of whenever you're not mindful. If you're talking with somebody and you forget their name before they're even done saying their sentence, when they're talking and you're trying to think of a story that you can tell them that one-ups their story, you're not being mindful and completely in that conversation with that person. You're just trying to one-up their story with another good story. So being self-aware enough to realize when you're not being mindful.